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I might have been murdered, claims Croydon MP Ottaway

“Sir” Tricky Dicky Ottaway, the absentee Tory MP “for” Croydon South, says he is afraid of being murdered in his own office, following an incident at his office in Purley on Friday which saw him call out the police when … Continue reading

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Daily Mail is lying about Miliband says former Croydon MP

A former Croydon Conservative MP and one-time trusted aide to Margaret Thatcher has joined the growing row over the Daily Wail’s attack on Ralph Miliband, the refugee, Second World War serviceman and father of Ed Miliband, the leader of the … Continue reading

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Sadvertiser owners in multi-million pound sell-off

Northcliffe Media, the regional newspaper subsidiary of the owners of the Daily Mail, and the operators of the failing Redhill-based Croydon Sadvertiser, has sold off the group. In the deal, announced this morning, Daily Mail General Trust is receiving a … Continue reading

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O’Connell: “I wouldn’t be so silly to take £500 per day”

Steve O’Connell, the London Assembly Member for Croydon and Sutton once dubbed Britain’s highest paid councillor by the Daily Mail, has told Inside Croydon that “even I would not be so silly as to take £500 a day”, following a … Continue reading

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Council’s new media chief flogging story to tabloids

Another leak from Croydon Council‘s secretive press department in their lofty Taberner House office reaches Inside CroydonTowers. Danny Brierley, the Burnley supporting former deputy editor of Your Croydon, our very own “Town Hall Pravda” (copyright Eric Pickles), has been promoted … Continue reading

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Woodley to ask Kenley: Is O’Connell worth £129,000?

Is Louisa Woodley, Labour’s candidate for the Croydon and Sutton London Assembly seat, being a little too bold in launching her campaign in Kenley this afternoon, right on the doorstep of incumbent Steve “I’m Worth It” O’Connell? Starting her bid … Continue reading

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More praise for Inside Croydon from media expert

Professor Roy Greenslade, in his media column in the national Guardian, has singled out Inside Croydon‘s coverage of Monday night’s riots for praise.

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“Champion Charity” is campaign group against sex trafficking

Here’s a story the Croydon Sadvertiser won’t like. Why? Because the paper, owned within a publishing group that includes the Daily Mail, is still making money from pimping prostitutes in Croydon. According to the Croydon Guardian, “An anti-trafficking organisation that … Continue reading

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PM praise for local papers and websites – but no help

Call Me Dave’s been let loose again, this time “writing” about local newspapers for Local Newspaper Week (yes, there’s even one of those). Thing is, if you exchange each Cameronian reference to “newspapers” with the word “website” or “blog”, the … Continue reading

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Sticking together is easier said than done for Clegg & Co

As the Sunday newspapers and TV commentators complete their post mortems of Thursday’s referendum and local elections, one thing is abundantly clear: any campaign backed by the Daily Mail and Murdoch news machine, plus vast amounts of Conservative party cash, … Continue reading

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