‘I feel ripped off after being towed away on a Sunday’

The “Do as we say, not as we do” attitude of some Croydon Council contractors has caused our loyal reader to submit another image demonstrating a somewhat casual attitude to the rules of the road.

Council parking enforcement in Crystal Palace in July 2014

Council parking enforcement in Crystal Palace in July 2014

“Maybe it is not illegal but it’s a bit galling for those getting parking tickets to see that Traffic Wardens can park on double lines with impunity on Church Road in Crystal Palace,” our loyal reader said.

Surprisingly, such hypocrisy is not uncommon in the way residents and road users are treated.

Even more surprisingly, we discover that Inside Croydon may have more than one loyal reader.

The following message has flooded into our email inbox…

“Today I was towed from Lansdowne Road (the end past the roundabout, running towards St James Road). I have parked in the same section bays for two weeks running on Sundays when I have been to the gym.

“I have found out today, to my cost (£265), that out of 37 bays on the road, 30 are free to use but the seven closest to the roundabout are fee-paying on a Sunday. Nothing readily distinguishes the seven bays from the other 30 ‘free’ bays.

“It seems to me that this is an area which seeks to trick motorists to provide a steady source of income to the council. How many motorists have been similarly misled and subjected to both a penalty notice and being towed away – on a Sunday. The council appears to be raking in exorbitant fines by means of trickery!

“The ticket machines all look the same and the bays are all painted white with (what appears to be) the same signs above – surely the seven bays should be clearly marked as fee paying on all days – or is the council afraid of losing a substantial source of revenue if it brought the charges to the clear attention of motorists?

“I feel that I’ve been ripped off by the council. It just seems grossly unfair to be caught out in this manner.”


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5 Responses to ‘I feel ripped off after being towed away on a Sunday’

  1. I lived in Lansdowne Road for 8 years and had no idea. I hope you appeal.

  2. davidcallam says:

    Even as a non-driver I have sympathy with your reader on this point and I too would urge them to appeal.

    As a general rule and to avoid precisely this kind of confusion I believe the council should make it clear that central Croydon is a busy area to which parking charges apply seven days a week to everyone other than residents with permits.

    If we don’t do it now we will be forced to do so when Hammersfield opens, or earlier if the shopping complex building work proves intrusive.

    • Nick Davies says:

      Croydon is nowhere near as busy as the West End evenings and weekends, yet parking is free after 6:30, Saturday afternoons and all day Sunday; and yes you can find a spot as long as you don’t expect to be right outside the door of your destination. I doubt there is any practical need to ration spaces in Croydon at these times.

  3. catswiskas says:

    I’ve been caught there too. Annoying because all the other spaces along there were empty and, being dark at the time, it wasn’t immediately obvious there was any difference in the spaces. I am very wary of parking in Croydon now because this sort of thing has happened to me a few times, and to friends too.

    • My local councillor, Sean Fitzsimons, has taken the matter up with the Director and Cabinet Member for the Council, so fingers crossed something will be done about this rip-off scheme.

      I left my gym and walked past the bays last night (22/7/14) only to see 2 penalty notices on large white vans, just sitting ducks waiting to be towed….. .

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