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Wider pavements and slower cars: King makes road changes

The council has announced a range of measures on the streets in West Croydon and Woodside to assist social distancing for pedestrians, improve road conditions for cycling, while suspending parking bays and announcing the intention of enforcing speed restrictions on … Continue reading

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Newman discovers climate emergency but offers little to fix it

Our environment correspondent, PAUL LUSHION, was at the council’s ‘sustainability summit’ – staged in an unsustainable venue where guests were drinking from single-use cardboard cups – and found it to be full of contradictions Tony Newman, the Labour leader of … Continue reading

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Council fails to write to permit-holders over parking charge hike

Croydon is being accused of deliberately suppressing details of its on-going parking consultation from the people most affected: the 9,000-plus residents who already have permits for on-street parking issued by the council each year. “We’re earning a deserved reputation for … Continue reading

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Scott puts forward proposals to raise parking fees by 375%

“The problem isn’t with cars being parked, it’s with cars being driven.” Croydon’s Labour-run council is putting forward proposals for £300 per year resident parking permits which will hit the poor and the elderly hardest, as transport correspondent JEREMY CLACKSON … Continue reading

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Council looking to hike parking permit fees for older vehicles

JEREMY CLACKSON, our transport correspondent, on how Croydon’s air-polluting council is now coming after the elderly and poorer car owners More car-free zones around schools and discounts on resident parking permits for those using low-emission vehicles are among proposals which … Continue reading

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Beware councils bearing gifts: traffic wardens get two days off

Croydon Council called it “an early Christmas present”, after they announced a suspension of car parking fees and pay-and-display charges to “make it easier for residents to prepare for and enjoy the festive season”. The truth, inevitably, is a somewhat … Continue reading

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Parking the tow trucks is another sign that cuts don’t work

WALTER CRONXITE on another cut in council services which seems to offer irresponsible drivers free rein to park their cars wherever they like What follows is a sentence that has never before appeared on Inside Croydon: We agree with Phil … Continue reading

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‘I feel ripped off after being towed away on a Sunday’

The “Do as we say, not as we do” attitude of some Croydon Council contractors has caused our loyal reader to submit another image demonstrating a somewhat casual attitude to the rules of the road. “Maybe it is not illegal … Continue reading

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Now Pickles axes Croydon’s ‘over-zealous’ spy cars

More good news, as those ludicrous little spy cars, the bounty hunters of the kerbside, are to be banned. This will please those who are increasingly exasperated by how the CCTV spy cars – driven by the council Traffic Enforcement … Continue reading

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£900 a year’s worth of free parking: time to take the tram

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, with a population estimated to be around 520,000, manages to survive with just 60 politicians in its own parliament. That is 50 per cent more people than in Croydon, and 10 fewer paid politicians. Croydon’s … Continue reading

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Shirley residents and shops demand one-hour free parking

Activists in Shirley yesterday delivered a petition to Transport for London signed by more than 1,200 local residents calling for one-hour free parking at key points in their neighbourhood. When Marzia Nicodemi and Said Otmani delivered the petition, they were … Continue reading

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Croydon’s secret tax on car parking that divides the borough

CROYDON COMMENTARY: For a town that has built itself around the demands of the motor car, parking the vehicles is an ever-growing problem, and Croydon Council has yet to find the right, or fair, way of dealing with it, CHARLOTTE … Continue reading

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Higher Drive residents celebrate victory in planning battle

Congratulations to the residents of Higher Drive in Kenley, who tonight were toasting their success in their long-running battle with John Whelan, the millionaire former video shop-owner who wanted to bulldoze his way to a money-spinning 50-bed hospital in the … Continue reading

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Tories insist they “will” impose unwanted parking changes

Councillor Phil “Two Permits” Thomas’s shabby attempts to impose money-raising parking controls in Croydon took another turn yesterday, as homes in part of the northern Controlled Parking Zone around Broad Green finally received formal  letters to ask them whether they … Continue reading

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