Commuters face 18 months’ disruption as bus station closes

West Croydon Bus Station closes this weekend, with 18 months’ worth of disruption ahead for bus, tram and rail passengers as works are undertaken to reconfigure the interchange at the north end of the Whitgift Centre.

An artist's idealised imagining of the new West Croydon Bus Station. Notice the near-total absence of buses. Or people...

An artist’s imagining of the new West Croydon Bus Station. Notice how few buses, or people, there are …

Each year, eight million passengers use West Croydon Bus Station, which as well as being an interchange with the Overground service into Canary Wharf and east London and other rail lines, plus Tramlink, is also served by 23 bus routes, nine of which terminate there.

Around 150 buses pass through the bus station every hour.

Until early 2016, those buses and passengers will be re-assigned to stops and bus stands on other nearby roads, some several minutes’ walk from the railway station.

The proposals for the bus station will be familiar to anyone who has used the interchange at Stratford, next to another major shopping mall operated by Westfield, one of the partners behind the £1 billion Whitgift Centre redevelopment. Rail commuters, taxi drivers and car drivers will hope that TfL makes a better job of the roads re-design than they have managed at East Croydon, where bottlenecks caused by bus drivers around the bus stops cause frequent tailbacks in both directions on George Street.

And while all the disruption at West Croydon begins, there are also highway works on-going on London Road until the end of November, which will cause further diversions southbound from Broad Green to West Croydon.

In a press release issued from Transport for London yesterday, it was said that TfL “has worked closely with Croydon Council to develop the plans, which are fully integrated with the ‘Connected Croydon’ urban realm development programme.

“Supported by an £18 million investment by the Mayor of London, ‘Connected Croydon’ is a £50 million programme of high street, public space and transport improvements to transform the town centre by creating a more attractive environment to live, work, socialise and do business.”

All change please: The 1983-built West Croydon Bus Station will close this weekend for 18 months

All change please: The 1983-built West Croydon Bus Station will close this weekend for 18 months

TfL is promising better lighting and “a more spacious environment” (that appears to mean less cover for passengers waiting for their bus), with better customer information systems, as well as fully accessible bus stops and CCTV coverage for continued passenger safety.

They claim the new, more open bus station will cope with a 20 per cent increase in passengers.

TfL advises that:

  • No buses will serve the bus station itself during the closure
  • The last bus stop for buses that currently terminate at the bus station will be on St Michael’s Road – a two-minute walk away (Routes 154, 166, 194, 367, 403, 405, 412, 450, 689, T33)
  • Buses that normally stop at the bus station will pick up from the next available stop on line of route during the closure
  • Buses that currently serve the bus station from Tamworth Road will be diverted by Poplar Walk and resume normal line of routing. Routes 264, 407, and 410 will pick up and drop passengers at Poplar Walk. Routes 157 and 455 will stop at Wellesley Road.

Stephen Aselford, of a local community transport group, has provided this, more detailed guide to the bus stops and routes during the works:

  • Buses going South 60,166,405,407,412,455. Whitgift Centre Stop WK
  • Buses going East 64, N64, 194, 198, 367,403, 410,T33. Whitgift Centre WJ
  • Buses going North 60, 64, N64, 109, N109, 198, 250, 410, Whitgift Centre WH and West Croydon Station WS or WT
  • Buses Going West 264, 410, 407,455, Bus Stop CJ Ruskin Road and Bus Stop WM Whitgift Centre
  • Buses 50 468 N68 and X68 Stop WP Delta Point Wellesley Road
  • Bus 75 Stop WM Whitgift Centre and Bedford Hall Stop K
  • Bus 154 Bus Stop Whitgift Centre Stop WJ
  • Bus 157 towards Morden Stop T Bedford Hall and Ruskin Road Stop CJ
  • Bus 157 towards Crystal Palace Stop K Bedford Hall and Ruskin Road CK
  • Bus 289 towards Elmers End Poplar Walk Stop WE
  • Bus 289 towards Purley West Croydon Station Stop WS
  • Bus 450 Bedford Hall Bus stop K
  • Bus X26 by Whitgift Centre Car Park Stop WN

Details of stopping arrangements and route changes during the works are also available on the Transport for London website –

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  1. sed30 says:

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    More disruption to croydon

  2. davidcallam says:

    Good riddance!

    The bus station is an eyesore and, more importantly, it has never worked properly from the outset.

    Of course there is a question mark over the new design. This is TfL we’re talking about. But it would be difficult for anyone to make a bigger mess of it than it already was.

    Its a shame TfL missed the opportunity to implement the original plan to put a bus station on a bridge over the railway tracks at West Croydon with access between train, tram and bus by escalator. But that’s the story of TfL; missed opportunities.

    • mraemiller says:

      It’s warmer than standing in the snow in the winter and allows you to actually make a journey with connections without having to worry about freezing your ******** off

  3. Pulled down after just 30 years is quite some achievement! It really makes you question the quality of some of the stuff being built today. That said it’s definitely a move in the right direction. That bus station was a mess.

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