Failure to listen suggests planners have something to hide

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The patronising dismissal of “Nimbys” made earlier this week by Paul Scott, the chairman of Croydon’s planning committee, has drawn widespread scorn from the people whom the councillor was elected by and is supposed to be serving. Here, resident JEREMY THOMPSON, pictured, takes issue

Councillor Paul Scott states that the planning committee is guided by the National Planning Policy Framework.

This should be the case, but it is not what is happening in Croydon.

Instead, Scott runs the committee as if it were his own enterprise, clearly driven by council quotas rather than any concern for the lives of existing residents or, perhaps more worryingly, those currently without homes expected to live in the ill-thought-out money-making schemes “his” committee deems acceptable.

To suggest any critics are “Nimbys” speaks of an arrogance normally reserved for those with something to hide, even though the man’s unsuitability for the role of chairman of the council planning committee is clear for all to see.

There is something very strange about the tone of aggression in his ramblings this week.

Paul Scott has plans for Croydon, whether the people they affect like them or not

Does he not think that some who challenge his committee’s decisions may have a social conscience. Perhaps some may even be Labour supporters or, god forbid, socialists?

What is sad here is the lack of vision and ambition for those in need of new homes.

Instead of going on the attack against local residents, why not listen to their concerns?

Or at least allow other members of the planning committee to do so.

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  1. “Idealism is the noble toga that political gentlemen drape over their will to power” (Aldous Huxley)

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