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Council’s Ministry of Truth spends record amounts on staff

Hayley Lewis, the trained psychologist who Croydon employs as its “Head of customer communications and strategy”, once suggested that a council communications department is “an unnecessary burden”. How prescient. On her personal blog, Lewis added a convenient “?” to present … Continue reading

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Croydon Council: where FOI stands for something else

And here’s another, if somewhat minor but no less crass example of how Croydon Council executives, earning six-figure salaries, are flagrantly and deliberately squandering your money. On this occasion, it has been done with the knowledge of the leader of … Continue reading

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Croydon’s list of great residents omits David Lean. Why?

The saddening/maddening thing about Croydon Council is that, when given some of the simplest of tasks in their attempt to promote the borough, they still manage to balls it up. Take, for example, this week’s half-cocked announcement on the council … Continue reading

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Dear Mr Edwards. If there’s anything you want to know, just ask

Inside Croydon thoroughly approves of and admires the online Freedom of Information tool,, and we would encourage anyone to make use of it if they have a serious question about some aspect of a public body that, for some … Continue reading

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Ignore Croydon Council: the election really is on Thu May 3

Those masters of misinformation at Taberner House have surpassed themselves on this occasion, as ANDREW RENDLE reports Perhaps the Conservatives who control Croydon Council are scared of tomorrow’s Mayoral and Greater London Assembly elections, but there has been a serious … Continue reading

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Jon Rouse, Croydon riots, and the crucial missing hours

Jon Rouse, Croydon Council’s £248,000 per year chief executive, was out of his office for a crucial four hours in the late afternoon and early evening of Monday, August 8 last year, just at the time that parts of the … Continue reading

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Croydon wasted tens of thousands on failed city bid

Well thank goodness that that piece of ill-advised, delusional nonsense is over. Mind you, Croydon’s misconceived bid for city status was dead in the water the moment that the Jon Rouse-led council published its bid book riddled with laughable errors … Continue reading

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Croydon spends £1.7m on consultants and saves… £800,000

Croydon Council’s press department has surpassed itself with its latest release, which makes the exaggerated and wholly inaccurate headline claim of “Millions recovered from fraudulent council tax claims”. Once again, Croydon Council has shown that it is not to be … Continue reading

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Bovvered? National Libraries Day, but not in Croydon

Too often when dealing with Croydon Council and its political leadership, it feels as if you are talking to someone with all the maturity of a petulant toddler who has pushed their fingers in their ears and chants loudly “Not … Continue reading

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Council press officer attends LibDem election photo call

Croydon Council spends at least £660,000 per year of our money on its press office. The council press office is supposed to be there to distribute information about the council services and activities. It is supposed to be strictly neutral … Continue reading

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Council’s new media chief flogging story to tabloids

Another leak from Croydon Council‘s secretive press department in their lofty Taberner House office reaches Inside CroydonTowers. Danny Brierley, the Burnley supporting former deputy editor of Your Croydon, our very own “Town Hall Pravda” (copyright Eric Pickles), has been promoted … Continue reading

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