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Local newspaper group seeks funding through a charity appeal

Waitrose’s George Street branch is this month using part of its community charity fund-raiser to support a newspaper business which last year reported profits of £70million and which axed the jobs of around 200 professional journalists. The Croydon branch of … Continue reading

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And then there were none: journo No4 quits Croydon Guardian

Will the last person to leave the Croydon Guardian offices please turn off the lights? As the journalists on Croydon and Sutton’s free newspapers extend their dispute with rapacious owners Newsquest over compulsory redundancies, news comes of yet another staff … Continue reading

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Two-thirds of Croydon Guardian staff to quit the paper

This week’s edition of the local free newspaper, the Croydon Guardian, could be the last seen in the borough for a while. It will certainly be the very last newspaper on which journalists with good contacts and an understanding of … Continue reading

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More redundancies at free paper take news off the agenda

Most of the journalists – or at least, any journalists who are left – at local free papers the Croydon Guardian and the Sutton Guardian have been put on notice of redundancy by the company which owns them, Newsquest, in … Continue reading

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Croydon Tory MP gives his backing to newspaper strikers

Wonders will never cease (Part II). A week after a right-wing Tory MP declared he couldn’t possibly live in London on the National Minimum Wage, now another Conservative MP from Croydon has declared his support for striking journalists at the … Continue reading

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Striking free paper’s staff reach breaking point over cuts

Nick Davies has had a fair amount of airtime in the last 24 hours. The investigative journalist was the first to break the phone hacking scandal which ultimately led to the Old Bailey trial involving David Cameron’s former communications director, … Continue reading

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Council’s “sound investment” in Davis House costs £15m

Our Conservative-run council’s flawed policies of property speculation on the rates, which have put Croydon on course to have unsustainable debt of more than £1 billion, will be laid bare again in a report to the Tory councillors in the … Continue reading

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Philp and MP Reed demand more cash for Croydon schools

Steve Reed OBE, the MP for Croydon North, has found himself an unlikely ally in Chris Philp, the leading donor to the Conservative party who has been chosen as the Tories’ next MP for Croydon South. Both have called on … Continue reading

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School’s new building may be dazzling, but not in a good way

Don’t know much about art, but know what you like? How about architecture? Inside Croydon received a plea recently to provide an “article more balanced than the original” after the new golden facade of part of Whitehorse Manor schools in … Continue reading

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Council announces street clean-up – just in time for elections

Croydon’s Conservative-run council last night bowed to pressure from the opposition Labour group – and a few prods and pokes from the “Garbage Gallery” compiled by Inside Croydon’s readers – and announced at a Town Hall meeting that it is … Continue reading

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Maggie and me: Why I could never be “one of us”

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Ahead of her funeral, ANDREW PELLING assesses Margaret Thatcher’s legacy for Croydon The Croydon Guardian reports that Dudley Mead, the deputy leader of the local Conservatives, can’t recall Margaret Thatcher ever visiting Croydon. Maybe it’s a sign that … Continue reading

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Croydon’s “only a Championship location” says planning chief

As Gavin Barwell once said, Croydon has an image problem. Our photograph, taken in Cannes yesterday morning, of the White Label-managed stand at the MIPIM  commercial property trade exhibition, shows that our south London borough is proving less of a … Continue reading

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Council newspaper forgets to mention mayor’s Arnhem trip

Croydon Council is “sexing up” its official record of public meetings, apparently in a vain effort to make its controversial and inept mayor, Eddy Arram, look like less of a plonker than everyone knows him to be. Yet even the … Continue reading

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Split edition Sadvertiser hit by 44% circulation crash

Circulation of the Croydon Advertiser has nose-dived by more than 40 per cent in just 12 months, according to independently audited figures published today. The paper’s sales bill last week said “Free cup of coffee for every reader”. Judging by … Continue reading

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For Falks’ sake: Norwood tunnel’s overlooked coverage

In the past couple of weeks, Inside Croydon carried two pieces on the centenary of the foot tunnel at Norwood Junction: one, here, on its history, the other about the ceremony staged to mark the occasion, where Croydon’s partisan mayor … Continue reading

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“Heartbroken” top chef blames riots for restaurant closure

8/8 ONE YEAR ON: Egon Ronay-recommended French restaurant Le Cassoulet closed last week, its business having failed to recover in the past 12 months There could be a full-blown crisis at Taberner House: where will Croydon Council’s £248,000 a year … Continue reading

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“War over Whitgift” has planning showdown tonight

The tug of war for control of the Whitgift Centre takes another move tonight, when Croydon Council’s strategic planning committee hears applications from two leading retail developers, Hammerson and Westfield, with the Whitgift Foundation threatening to block plans that could … Continue reading

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Wake up Waddon: this really is a £1bn incinerator

Belated congratulations to Nick Hitchens, of the Croydon Guardian, who managed to get the three Waddon councillors on the record to explain why they broke their election promises to “… oppose any incinerator being built in Croydon or on the … Continue reading

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Council’s new media chief flogging story to tabloids

Another leak from Croydon Council‘s secretive press department in their lofty Taberner House office reaches Inside CroydonTowers. Danny Brierley, the Burnley supporting former deputy editor of Your Croydon, our very own “Town Hall Pravda” (copyright Eric Pickles), has been promoted … Continue reading

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Brothel ads are fine with me, says Croydon councillor

Dudley Mead, the deputy leader of Croydon Council‘s ruling Conservatives, has used public money from a government grant to place ads alongside classifieds for the borough’s brothels. “Cuddly”, who cuts a somewhat Captain Mainwaring figure at the Town Hall, was … Continue reading

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Disgrace of benefits office in Croydon with no disabled access

Any reasonable person watching the local BBC television news on Friday night would have been right to squirm with embarrassment, and some shame, when the lead item demonstrated how the offices of a government agency located on Croydon’s Cherry Orchard … Continue reading

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The things they say (part 94): Councillor Dudley Mead

“I think it vitally important that Croydon residents understand that before any contract is entered into unless financial analysis is done. No money has been paid up-front and the council will only pay for work when it is completed” Croydon … Continue reading

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Is this what you get if you get rid of local reporters?

This was posted today on the website of the Croydon Guardian. Previously an excellent source of breaking local news, in recent weeks Mike Didymus and two other senior reporters have left the freebie newspaper, while its management has been seeking … Continue reading

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“Champion Charity” is campaign group against sex trafficking

Here’s a story the Croydon Sadvertiser won’t like. Why? Because the paper, owned within a publishing group that includes the Daily Mail, is still making money from pimping prostitutes in Croydon. According to the Croydon Guardian, “An anti-trafficking organisation that … Continue reading

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Magistrates opt not to cage the Birdwoman of Shirley

Christine Foreman, the Birdwoman of Shirley, flew the coop on Monday, taking wing from Croydon Magistrates after escaping a custodial sentence but with a warning ringing in her ears that if she is caught again feeding the flock of pigeons … Continue reading

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