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England’s Tories remain enthusiastic only about ground rent

As ANDREW FISHER explains, the cost of living crisis begins with too many people being unable to afford somewhere decent to live, as private rents increase by 15.8% this year “Been spending most our lives living in a landlords’ paradise”. … Continue reading

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Mind the gap: finance director warns of £13m cuts shortfall

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Tonight’s council cabinet meeting is to be told that officials are struggling to meet their £38m budget cuts target. And the council’s future is now in the hands of Michael Gove. By STEVEN DOWNES There are growing … Continue reading

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Ali’s latest gaffe attracts ridicule over landlord licensing

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Council leader reacts with dismay at loss of £20m in licence fees, as Labour councillors question lack of support from their new chief executive. By STEVEN DOWNES Hamida Ali, the council leader, opened herself up again to … Continue reading

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Jenrick rejects Croydon’s landlord licence scheme application

CROYDON IN CRISIS: The government has binned an application to extend the borough’s landlord licensing scheme, saying that the council failed to provide any housing strategy. EXCLUSIVE By STEVEN DOWNES Robert Jenrick, the Secretary of State for Housing, has rejected … Continue reading

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Croydon Council hits Labour Party donor with £32,000 fine

Labour-run Croydon Council has slapped more than £30,000 in fines on… one of Croydon Labour’s biggest, if not the biggest, donors. The council last week announced that two property companies, AA Homes and Housing and Anabow Services Ltd, have been … Continue reading

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MP Philp joins with Corbyn to object to widow’s eviction

Tomorrow, at around 11.30am, a widow and her five school-aged children seem likely to be rendered homeless, as bailiffs will be knocking on the door of their home in Benson Road to demand that they leave. The eviction is being … Continue reading

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Tories back landlord licences that Barwell called a Tenants’ Tax

The Conservative government is about to embrace a Labour manifesto policy on landlord licensing that, only a few months ago, was being dismissed by the then Tory housing minister as “nonsensical”. It will come as no surprise to Inside Croydon’s … Continue reading

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Landlord licensing scheme made one prosecution in a year

BARRATT HOLMES on some surprising statistics regarding the borough’s private landlords The Labour-run council’s controversial landlord licensing scheme, which has collected an estimated £6million from the borough’s private landlords, has made just a single prosecution in the past 12 months. … Continue reading

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Croydon Labour bricking it over Corbyn’s housing policies

Housing correspondent BARRATT HOLMES on a game-changer for council homes announced at the Labour Party conference Tony Newman and the leadership of Croydon’s Labour-run council could be on a collision course with their party over their controversial Brick by Brick … Continue reading

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£30,000 landlord fines to be introduced without any debate

BARRATT HOLMES reports on swingeing powers being introduced by the local council The increasingly strong grip on absolute power at the local authority of she-who-must-be-obeyed Jo Negrini, the council’s £185,000-plus CEO, will be amply demonstrated tomorrow when swingeing powers over … Continue reading

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