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Mayday Hospital is already operating at 100% capacity

Our health correspondent, ALAN FINLAY, on the latest emerging crisis at the borough’s largest hospital, where there can be four-hour waits for emergency beds Mayday Hospital is already been operating at more than 100 per cent capacity for bed use, … Continue reading

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Mayday’s CEO forced to apologise over blue badge signs

NHS Trust backs down over parking charges for blue badge-holders, but still imposes new fees system, as KEN LEE reports The chief executive of the NHS Trust which manages Croydon’s Mayday Hospital has been forced to issue an apology to … Continue reading

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Mayday drops blue badge charges after Inside Croydon report

Our transport correspondent, JEREMY CLACKSON, on a rapid U-turn in the hospital car park Just days after Inside Croydon highlighted how the management at Mayday Hospital had slapped parking charges on holders of blue badges, they have now slammed on … Continue reading

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‘Flaky staffing’ led to emergency at A&E says hospital chief

The “internal major incident” which was declared at Mayday Hospital’s Accident and Emergency department earlier this month was caused by the coincidence of the worst winter for flu-type illnesses since 2009, people not making use of GP surgeries over the … Continue reading

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Mayday from Mayday as A&E declares “major incident”

Mayday is in the bottom 50 performing hospitals in the country, at a time when NHS hospital accident and emergency departments are performing worse than at any time in the past decade, figures from the Department of Health released today … Continue reading

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Time to try something new with Purley’s £11m hospital

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Barely a year since major works were completed and it re-opened, Purley Hospital has switched to reduced hours because of… lack of use. DAVID CALLAM sees this as a missed opportunity for the over-stretched NHS Croydon NHS must … Continue reading

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Watchdog demands urgent meeting with Virgin over Mayday

Healthwatch Croydon, the recently established independent health and social care watchdog in the borough, is pressing for an urgent meeting with the Virgin Care subsidiary which runs the Urgent Care Centre at Mayday Hospital, following serious concerns expressed over its … Continue reading

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CQC report tells us nothing we did not know about Mayday

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The hospital inspectors have been and gone. Now, says DAVID CALLAM, time is overdue for re-modelling the A&E department of our local hospital As a volunteer of more than 20 years at Mayday and an in- and out-patient … Continue reading

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Under-staffed Mayday remains accident waiting to happen

Mayday has just had its latest check-up and the local hospital is still a long way short of being given a clean bill of health, with the Chief Inspector of Hospitals expressing “very serious concerns” over staffing levels and safety … Continue reading

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Croham promises that arrive full of sleight of fact

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Noticed any leaflets pushed through your letterbox lately that are offering you much, much more that free delivery on pizza? There must be an election coming, writes DAVID CALLAM They say truth is the first casualty of war. … Continue reading

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