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Unions come together to protest against the council’s cuts

By DAVID WHITE The campaign against cuts by Croydon Council has stepped up a gear after members of the three largest unions representing council workers in the borough – Unite, Unison and GMB – yesterday held a demonstration outside the … Continue reading

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Town Hall unions to stage virtual rally against council cuts

Trades unions representing the council’s workers are launching a “Save Our Croydon” campaign to protect jobs and services, with a virtual rally on Facebook this Tuesday. They will be protesting against job cuts that are being made and express “legitimate … Continue reading

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Union tells Newman of ‘profound concern’ over council job cuts

Croydon’s Labour council leader could be in for a stormy few months. By KEN LEE, our Town Hall reporter Croydon Town Hall’s unions have called on the council leader, Tony Newman, to step in to halt the hundreds of job … Continue reading

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Charity and unions fear 1m children to lose free school meals

One million children living in poverty in England will miss out on free school meals as the Tory government rolls out its Universal Credit proposals, according to findings from The Children’s Society. And London will be the worst-hit region by … Continue reading

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Union calls on underpaid public service workers to #BinBarwell

After seven years of Tory-led government, real-terms wage cuts to public sector workers – nurses, teaching assistants and council employees among them – should translate into a ballot box backlash on June 8, with Croydon Central’s Conservative MP Gavin Barwell … Continue reading

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Adult social care ‘on brink of collapse’ due to Brexit uncertainty

Croydon’s NHS and social care system, already under extreme strain due to underfunding from central government, could be on the brink of complete collapse because staff, many of them EU nationals, face an uncertain future after Brexit. The warning is … Continue reading

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Library operators Carillion’s shady record on blacklistings

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, is not alone in being spied upon by her “friends”. The practice has been happening a lot closer to home, even in the workplace, and conducted on behalf of one firm that is coming … Continue reading

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Croydon in Crisis: Mystery over council’s £350,000 pay-offs

The public service workers’ union, the GMB, was tonight demanding an urgent independent investigation into why Croydon Council had spent a “profligate” £350,000 of public money on golden handshakes to four top-level employees in the past year. The payments have … Continue reading

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Croydon considers handing over children’s homes

Croydon’s latest exercise to “identify” publicly owned properties that can be handed over to John Laing as make-weights towards the £450 million urban regeneration project, which is delivering the splendidly palatial new council HQ offices, could see two children’s homes … Continue reading

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Mead says he’s “proud” of Croydon’s £50m uncollected tax

£50,237,631.33. Say it to yourself, slowly. Fifty million, two hundred and thirty-seven thousand, six hundred and thirty-one pounds. And thirty-three pee. That’s £50,237,631.33 of Croydon Council‘s money that has gone missing. £50,237,631.33 of your money lost forever. That’s the astonishing … Continue reading

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3,000 carers’ job cuts proposed at Southern Cross homes

One of our regular readers has highlighted this BBC report on the latest move to salvage the financially troubled Southern Cross business, which includes in its 300 establishments around the UK a handful of care homes for the elderly in … Continue reading

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