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Croydon in crisis: 500 jobs to go in council ‘reorganisation’

EXCLUSIVE: Our Town Hall reporter, KEN LEE, on the unhappy consequences of the council’s poor management that has created ‘the perfect financial storm’ Croydon Council is to launch wide-ranging consultations tomorrow, July 1, as it begins what in councilspeak they … Continue reading

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After covid suspension, Ombudsman reopens for business

Council CEO Jo Negrini’s three-month amnesty from having complaints submitted about her authority to the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman is over. The Ombudsman is pretty much the only recourse that remains to residents of the borough if they … Continue reading

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Charity warns that challenges of covid could still get tougher

There’s been some challenging times for families in Croydon during the coronavirus lockdown, but for some, they are about to get even tougher, according the manager of a children’s charity centre based on the High Street. “For some families that … Continue reading

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Council welcomes extra £4m for asylum seeker care costs

The government has agreed to pay an additional £4million per year to Croydon towards the costs the council incurs in caring for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, or UASCs. Over the past decade, Croydon has looked after more than 5,000 unaccompanied asylum-seeking … Continue reading

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Troubleshooter’s report may give Negrini no choice of action

STEVEN DOWNES on a crucial couple of days for the borough At some point today, Ian O’Donnell will deliver his report on the state of the borough’s finances and what he recommends that needs to be done to get the … Continue reading

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Government broken promises over ‘coronavirus black hole’

Croydon North MP Steve Reed OBE has warned the government that local councils across the country face catastrophe due to a £10billion coronavirus “black hole”. Reed, Labour’s front bench spokesman on local government, reckons that councils may need to cut … Continue reading

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Council starts its recruitment drive for more foster carers

Foster Care Fortnight started today and runs until May 24, and the council is hoping to use the occasion, even in these unusual times, to recruit new foster carers who might transform children and young people’s lives by offering them … Continue reading

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Head quits as ‘high risk’ Virgo Fidelis struggles with budget

Education correspondent GENE BRODIE reports on the latest setback suffered by one of the borough’s oldest schools Virgo Fidelis girls’ convent school in Upper Norwood will start the new school term in September with its fifth headteacher in barely three … Continue reading

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Croydon now has three employees paid £200,000+ per year

Our political correspondent, WALTER CRONXITE, reports on the latest startling figures coming out of the council Croydon Council had three members of staff who took home more than £200,000 in the last financial year for which figures are available. That’s … Continue reading

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Ofsted inspection rates Croydon children’s services ‘Good’

It has taken two and a half years, and an extra £25million spent on recruiting staff and providing new equipment, but Croydon Council’s children’s services department has finally been rated as “Good” by Ofsted following its latest inspection. The borough’s … Continue reading

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