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Work underway to get Boxpark to pop-up in summer 2016

Boxpark, the pop-up retail centre built from disused shipping containers, will open alongside East Croydon Station with up to 80 shops, fashionable boutiques and cafes next summer, it was confirmed this morning. Work is to begin immediately, and around 200 … Continue reading

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This is what £8,000 of public money buys Croydon at MIPIM

When the Conservatives were in power in Croydon, the spending on sending a delegation to Cannes for the annual developers’ champagne “junket” (© Tony Newman) was at least announced at a council meeting in the Town Hall. This year, under … Continue reading

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By Jupiter! Is Whitehall considering a move to Fisher’s Folly?

A government department is looking to move into a 250,000 square foot office building in East Croydon, according to reports in the commercial property trade press this week. And the only relatively new office block in the vicinity offering that … Continue reading

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Boxpark pop-up retail outlet set to come to East Croydon

Croydon looks set to get its own Boxpark retail marketplace, right next to East Croydon Station. Croydon Visitor Centre and the computer gadget shop next door on the concourse area of East Croydon Station are being moved out to make … Continue reading

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Risks ahead if only thing cool in Croydon is property market

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Delays in Westfield’s delivery dates, “speculative” office builds and dire economic warnings make an unhappy mix for those with a stake in our borough. STEVEN DOWNES asks: where’s the Plan B? As an observer of modern trends, Simon … Continue reading

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Council gambles millions with “Son of CCURV” scheme

Given recent experience, Croydon councillors more than most should realise that using public money to gamble rarely ends happily. But like a losing punter chasing after his losses, Croydon Council, now under a Labour administration, is going back to the … Continue reading

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East Croydon’s new platforms put borough on track for growth

East Croydon Station is to get two new platforms to help it cope with the increased number of passengers anticipated in a plan for growth by the Labour council, which forecasts 16,000 new jobs being created in the borough and … Continue reading

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The Commitment: a new work at the Warehouse Theatre?

Ted Craig, the director of the Warehouse Theatre at East Croydon which was forced to close two years ago, has warmly welcomed the news, reported by Inside Croydon, that Ruskin Square developers Stanhope are keen to stand by their pledge … Continue reading

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Places for People appointed to run Ruskin Square flats

And so the build begins. The construction sites, cranes and scaffolding sprouting around the borough shows that there is indeed some economic activity going on, and now news reaches Inside Croydon Towers of a first step towards finally developing one … Continue reading

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Ryelands Primary move helps council alter academy plans

Among our council’s initial responses to the borough’s school places crisis was to propose to build on public open land next to the Arena in South Norwood, something firmly rejected by local residents. As HAMIDA ALI reports, the council still … Continue reading

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Dog gone it: Reed’s new job enough to leave him barking

Ahhh, the glamour of being on the political front line. Or lack of it. One moment, you’re a mere backbencher, one of the most junior MPs in the House of Commons, with less than a year’s seniority. The next, after … Continue reading

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Royal Mail’s move to Factory Lane puts profit before service

Councillors in East Croydon have started a petition to oppose the closing of the mail collection office located beside the railway station, as the privatised Royal Mail seeks to flog off its depot for development, and make millions of pounds … Continue reading

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Renaissance man who’s under-cutting rents across London

Renaissance, the five-storey office block on Dingwall Road, close to East Croydon railway station, opened last week, offering office space at one-fifth of the cost of rates in the West End, Canary Wharf and the City of London, according to … Continue reading

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The Firebird, family concert: Sunday Oct 20

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I am a rock! But new kids on building blocks have problems

The IYLO BUILDING has awoken from its slumbers… The construction crane is back and builders in hi-viz jackets, like worker ants, are climbing all over it. But the oft neglected, unfinished tower in the middle of a suburban roundabout has … Continue reading

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Fairfield in discussions over cinema use of new studio threatre

Supporters of two of the borough’s neglected arts venues, the David Lean Cinema and the Warehouse Theatre, are expected to be very concerned that management at Fairfield Halls have been holding meetings with cinema operators over the possible use of … Continue reading

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Gateway’s uninspired opening with a couple of blocks of flats

According to ANDREW PELLING, the first phase of development proposed for the long-vacant Ruskin Square site, in a town crying out for family housing, consists of a couple of ugly blocks of flats that even the architects admit are not … Continue reading

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Theatre is boarded up as developers consider demolition

The Warehouse Theatre stands boarded up this morning, any hope of its re-opening even more remote after the owners of the Ruskin Square (non-)development site, Stanhope and Schroders, in midweek exercised a break clause in the lease to take back … Continue reading

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Croydon Enterprise Week: small business our last hope?

Has Croydon Council abandoned all hope of attracting a large, private sector business to take up some of the tens of thousands of square feet of empty office space in the town centre, much of it due to be vacated … Continue reading

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Installation that puts the guf into Ruskin Square

As you’ve stood on the platforms at East Croydon lately, have you wondered what the eclectic collection of random fixtures on the vacant site that was supposed to be “the gateway” to Croydon might be? There’s some explanation in this … Continue reading

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Secret donor pledges to double Warehouse appeal fund

The fight to save the Warehouse Theatre goes on, with a secret benefactor generously pledging to match all donations to the campaign to save the venue. As revealed by Inside Croydon, the local council withdrew the theatre’s grant in April, … Continue reading

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After eight? Croydon’s football team have work cut out

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a bit of sport on this weekend in London. Contributing Editor ANDREW PELLING chose to go to Guernsey for Croydon FC‘s first match of the new season They do play rugby at Footes Lane. … Continue reading

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Hammerson: Handsome half-year figures and takeover talk

As previously suggested by Inside Croydon, Hammerson, the owner of Centrale and potential developers of the Whitgift Centre, is a takeover target for other developers – including their Whitgift rivals, Westfield. The takeover talk emerged from Australia in May, according … Continue reading

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What’s in a name? For Croydon Council, about £3m

According to PIGGY ASHCROFT, our council wants to make a crisis out of a drama, with designs on the Warehouse Theatre‘s name and hard-won reputation as well as its multi-million pound endowment from developers Croydon Council wants to go into … Continue reading

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Mary Portas, Westfield, Bradford and a £1bn hole in the ground

Shops and flats. That, in three words, appears to be sum and substance of the local Establishment’s superficial “vision” for Croydon’s future. It might be a slight improvement on “bread and circuses”, but not by much, and would seem to … Continue reading

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