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A decade on and Croydon’s Island offers stark lessons

It stands to the north of Croydon town centre like a monument to the flaws of the housing market, a broken tooth of a tower block in the middle of a busy south London roundabout. Construction work began a decade … Continue reading

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Island tries to block out memories of seven-year hitch

It has been such a long time since the IYLO BUILDING last penned a column for this site, that they return now after a makeover and with a new name, though the developers probably don’t want you to regard the … Continue reading

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‘Apartment Apartheid’ arrives in Croydon via the back door

Croydon’s previous, Tory-led council administration – who have spent their first few months in opposition re-affirming their credentials for backing rich landlords over the interests of tenants’ rights – gave planning permission to a multi-millionaire developer to have “Poor Doors” … Continue reading

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Inflation, Inflation, Inflation: C4 gives house prices a bump

BUMP! There. Did you feel that? That was the sensation of property prices in Croydon jumping another one, two, even 10 grand following the latest visit from that estate agents’ wet dream which is Channel 4’s Location, Location, Location. In … Continue reading

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Croydon at back of pack in London’s house price boom

Research shows that property prices in Croydon have increased at one of the slowest rates among London boroughs over the last two decades, yet there are still many fewer residential builds going on in the borough than elsewhere in the … Continue reading

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Miliband leads calls for more affordable housing in Croydon

VOTE 2014: Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, has set up his local councillors in Croydon for what could be some frank discussions with major developers in the borough, including Westfield, Barratt Homes and John Laing, after he announced that his … Continue reading

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I am a rock! But new kids on building blocks have problems

The IYLO BUILDING has awoken from its slumbers… The construction crane is back and builders in hi-viz jackets, like worker ants, are climbing all over it. But the oft neglected, unfinished tower in the middle of a suburban roundabout has … Continue reading

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Londoners being priced out of London by social cleansing

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Building thousands of high-rise high-priced “luxury apartments” to be bought by overseas investors may enhance the bottom line of private property developers, but will do nothing to solve the borough’s housing crisis. By STEVEN DOWNES London, and Croydon, … Continue reading

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Council wants to build high-rise flats on Queen’s Gardens

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Tonight’s council business sees a plan to knock down Taberner House and build on part of Queen’s Gardens as the latest move by our bankrupt council to rake back some cash from its disastrous URV property scheme. ANDREW … Continue reading

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Gateway’s uninspired opening with a couple of blocks of flats

According to ANDREW PELLING, the first phase of development proposed for the long-vacant Ruskin Square site, in a town crying out for family housing, consists of a couple of ugly blocks of flats that even the architects admit are not … Continue reading

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