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Ruskin Square move will bring transfer of immigration centre

The Home Office will soon be moving more than 5,000 civil servants into its new, state-of-the-art office building – or “Government Hub”, as they call it – at 2 Ruskin Square, close by East Croydon Station. The Government Property Agency … Continue reading

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Developers sell latest East Croydon office block for £267m

At least one development project in Croydon town centre has managed to be completed ‘on time and under budget’ Schroders, the investors behind the Ruskin Square development next to East Croydon Station, have sold their latest office block in a … Continue reading

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Commission chair: Refugee debate is run by ‘controversialists’

A widely respected former MP who is chairing a public commission on the integration of refugees yesterday hit out at the “highly contentious” nature of the current national debate about refugees and asylum seekers, saying it was being “led by … Continue reading

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Government to pay £2.3m of borough’s asylum children’s costs

The Home Office will pay an additional £2.3million to Croydon this year to cover the rising costs to the borough of being a first stop in this country for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children. The cash-strapped borough last month threatened to copy … Continue reading

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Far-right’s refugee ‘protest’ at Lunar House attracts just 10

Lunar House in central Croydon has long been a ‘target’ for the far-right’s attempts at protest against migrants and asylum-seekers. Saturday’s limp effort demonstrated, once again, that the racists can’t organise a piss-up in a ‘Spoons, as our special correspondent, … Continue reading

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Croydon warns Whitehall it will end taking child asylum-seekers

Just as the US-backed government in Afghanistan collapsed under assault from the Taliban, with potentially tens of thousands of people urgently seeking refuge outside their homeland, so Croydon Council has announced that it will refuse to take any more unaccompanied … Continue reading

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£50m shortfall in Home Office payments for asylum children

The council says that the government has underpaid it by around £50million, money which it says is owed for taking care of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children who arrive in the UK in Croydon. The council claims that over the past decade … Continue reading

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Philp slams shut Britain’s door to asylum-seeking children

Croydon Tory MP Chris Philp chose the eve of the annual Holocaust Memorial to announce that the government is slamming the nation’s doors shut in the face of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children. The Dubs Amendment was passed in May 2016 in … Continue reading

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Council welcomes extra £4m for asylum seeker care costs

The government has agreed to pay an additional £4million per year to Croydon towards the costs the council incurs in caring for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, or UASCs. Over the past decade, Croydon has looked after more than 5,000 unaccompanied asylum-seeking … Continue reading

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Ruskin Square signs government tenant in £300m deal

Schroders have announced a multi-million-pound deal with Whitehall to build and rent out a second large office block at Ruskin Square, their £500million development next to East Croydon Station. And in doing so, they may well have pulled the rug … Continue reading

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Ruskin Square and Westfield in battle to secure Home Office

Multi-billion-pound developments in central Croydon could be forced to go head-to-head in a battle to secure the Home Office as tenants for their office buildings. According to a report published this morning by Property Week magazine, the Home Office is … Continue reading

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Croydon MP warns of mounting crisis in Calais refugee camps

Sarah Jones, the MP for Croydon Central, today branded the Tory government “a disgrace” for failing to fulfil its undertakings under the Dubs scheme to accept unaccompanied child refugees from camps in northern France. Jones has been on a visit … Continue reading

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Protestors use Stormzy’s music to drown out fascist chants

There have been calls for far-right groups who try to hold rallies around Lunar House, the Home Office’s passport and visa office in central Croydon, to be forced to pay for the policing of their events and other related costs. … Continue reading

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Local charities carrying burden as NHS fails asylum seekers

Asylum seekers are being left behind in using health services, because their greatest need is just surviving the day, rather than health issues, according to a report from Healthwatch Croydon. The report – Refugees and Asylum Seekers: The health and … Continue reading

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£4m Home Office cut is unfair to refugees and to Croydon

COUNCILLOR SIMON HALL on how the government has cut funding from Croydon towards looking after some of the most vulnerable new arrivals The refugee crisis across Europe has been making international headlines, with footage of human misery being shown nightly … Continue reading

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‘I don’t come from round here. I am a migrant, too’

CROYDON COMMENTARY: After watching the news, PETER UNDERWOOD has a confession to make The BNP has decided to parade its ignorance in the centre of Croydon tomorrow. When I see their members’ nasty, hate-filled, anti-immigration stance – echoed by too … Continue reading

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Protest group: ‘We must never give a foothold to the Nazis’

By Stephen Aselford, chair of Croydon DPAC On September 5, Croydon Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) will be protesting alongside local trade unions and anti-fascists against the BNP coming to Croydon. Standing up to racism and fascism is a key … Continue reading

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Unions call for support for anti-BNP rally at Lunar House

Local trades unionists and activists are to hold a rally outside Lunar House on September 5, as a counter-demonstration to a protest by the fascist British National Party. The BNP, possibly accompanied by some of their mates from the EDL, … Continue reading

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“Standing up to the EVF was the right thing to do”

DAVID WHITE took to the streets of Croydon on Saturday to make a stand against the EVF When racist or fascist groups take to the streets, should we ignore them or demonstrate against them? This dilemma faced multi-racial Croydon when … Continue reading

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Tory MP Ottaway decries EVF demonstration as “rubbish”

Lord Bletchingley has spoken. The MP for Croydon South is usually far too busy to deal with matters affecting Croydon as a whole, what with his role at Westminster on the foreign affairs committee, filling in his expenses claims or, … Continue reading

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Union pulls out of hustings over exclusion of six candidates

One of the country’s biggest trades unions, the PCS, has pulled out of sponsorship and organisation of a hustings debate planned to be held in Thornton Heath on Tuesday evening because half the candidates for the November 29 Croydon North … Continue reading

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Installation that puts the guf into Ruskin Square

As you’ve stood on the platforms at East Croydon lately, have you wondered what the eclectic collection of random fixtures on the vacant site that was supposed to be “the gateway” to Croydon might be? There’s some explanation in this … Continue reading

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Croydon, 21st century slavery and the sex trade

Did you think slavery had been abolished nearly 200 years ago? Not in Croydon it hasn’t. When you read a magazine article like the one we found in The Observer a couple of weeks ago, you cannot fail but be … Continue reading

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