LibDems bid for more liberal and more democratic council

VOTE 2014: What do the Liberal Democrats have to offer the people of Croydon ahead of the local elections? GILL HICKSON gives their party line

LibDem candidate Gill Hickson has been doing a lot of work on road issues in Coulsdon

LibDem candidate Gill Hickson has been doing a lot of work on road issues in Coulsdon

The LibDems feel its time to break the two-party duopoly in Croydon politics.

For too long the policies have been on party grounds and not for the benefit of residents or the long-term future of the area. We want Coulsdon , and Croydon, to be revitalised through well-thought-out planning and not for the benefit of large developers who are only interested in making a fast buck.

Cane Hill is a typical example of this, where no consideration has been given to the local people who may wish to buy first-time homes or people needing to down-size and want to stay in the area. With the development being at the mercy of the free market we could easily end up with investors from China buying up properties and then renting them out for exorbitant fees. We want to ensure the council reduces the amount of empty properties in the town and brings these homes back into use.

All three LibDem candidates in Coulsdon East – Arfan Bhatti, Ashley Burridge and myself – are passionate about the area and all live in the ward. We already hold monthly surgeries and deliver newsletters and surveys to keep in touch with residents.

We believe in local government by consensus. Our priorities are governed by the electorate. We are currently working with locals on ideas to control speeding. We are supporting Tollers Estate residents in a petition to get more parking and open up the entrance to the estate to make it easier for motorists and pedestrians with disabilities to negotiate the area. A nice welcoming sign would also be good.

We’ve been listening on the doorsteps to people’s concerns. We will continue to monitor Purley Hospital that had its Minor Injuries Units hours greatly reduced, despite using out of date information and with no publicity to promote its existence and encourage more use.

We would ensure the libraries, the hubs of our community, are not run down and closed. We want to tackle the looming shortage of school places and want to help integrate the local high school and college into the community more.

We want to ensure the area is free of fly-tipping and we have some innovative ideas from neighbouring boroughs. Where necessary, we support the need for more regular rubbish collections and street cleaning. We would freeze Council Tax but ensure a better rate of collection and strive for best value for money.

We are passionate about volunteering and want to start groups to get involved with locals of all ages. We would also like to see the Hartley Downs allotments used for a community project.

It’s time for a change. It’s time for a more Liberal and more Democratic Croydon.

  • Gill Hickson is the chair of Coulsdon LibDems and is a candidate in Coulsdon East

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  1. davidcallam says:

    A manifesto for Coulsdon: I don’t live in the favoured deep south of the borough, so clearly this election address is not aimed at me.

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