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Council admits its phone system hasn’t worked for years

After almost eight years in charge of the borough, Croydon’s Labour leadership has finally admitted what thousands of residents have been saying throughout their time in office: the council’s phone system is not fit for purpose. “The council provides essential … Continue reading

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Council spent £10,000 on incompatible laptop for chief exec

Jo Negrini demanded that she should be provided with a top-of-the-range Apple laptop when she was Croydon’s chief executive – even though the computer was incompatible with the operating system used by the rest of the council. Providing Negrini with … Continue reading

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The Godfather (part 2): Residents’ data ‘at risk’ by off-shoring

The personal data of everyone paying Council Tax in Croydon may have been put at risk by the council’s decision to off-shore parts of its IT development programme to India, according to Town Hall whistle-blowers. STEVEN DOWNES reports The decision … Continue reading

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The Godfather: Croydon official hired friend on £787 per day

A two-month investigation into Croydon Council’s IT operation has uncovered major concerns over procurement and payments. STEVEN DOWNES reports Croydon Council is undertaking its second internal investigation this year into the conduct of its assistant chief executive. Graham Cadle is … Continue reading

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Crapita profits plunge even after council IT jobs move to India

Some council staff have been expressing concerns around the performance and standards of service provided by Crapita, who manage the council’s IT and phone systems. The company, which is midway through an eight-year, £73.5million “mega-deal” that was agreed by the … Continue reading

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Council forced to keep phone hotline in war against fly-tippers

The Labour-run council has been forced to back down from an attempt to quietly drop one of his key election manifesto promises, to provide a fly tipping hotline. Labour leader Tony Newman fought the 2014 Town Hall elections on a … Continue reading

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Council website is dull and overly complex, according to survey

Croydon’s efforts to go “online-only”, forcing residents to engage with council staff via its website rather than using a call centre, have taken a blow this week when a survey of local authorities’ digital offerings ranked Croydon 149th out of … Continue reading

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Costs mount on council’s rubbish MyCroydon app

A tech worker who carried out work on the MyCroydon app has told Inside Croydon that the company which was given the contract by the council, “is not really an ‘app developer’ or ‘software developer’. All it has done is … Continue reading

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Radically pragmatic Negrini exhibits award-winning chutzpah

Nathan Elvery’s up to his old tricks. And Croydon Council looks like a shoo-in for another empty “award“, to be handed over by the council’s mates in the property market, for being “pragmatic” planners. MIPIM UK is a property developers … Continue reading

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Council claims that conduct of elections is a ‘private matter’

Croydon Council has been breaking the law to keep some details of its senior appointments secret, and it is refusing to reveal details of the new chief executive’s work in his role as the returning officer for the recent local … Continue reading

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Lights! Action! Candid cameras switched on at the Town Hall

STEVEN DOWNES found himself watching the first live webcast meeting of the new Croydon Council. He watched it so you didn’t have to… I nearly missed it, because I was listening to the first in the new series of I’m … Continue reading

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Parade-ground generals fail to lead on council’s Front Line

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The lack of true, front-line service experience among some of our council’s executive officials creates fundamental problems in the management culture at the Town Hall, writes ROD DAVIES  If we are to change the nature of the council, then … Continue reading

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Does Croydon’s new council have much to rave about?

One month on, WALTER CRONXITE, our local elections pollster who was first to call correctly the result of the Croydon Town Hall vote, takes a look behind the scenes in Fisher’s Folly to see what changes might be in store … Continue reading

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Council website offline again following Crapita handover

A brief, and easily missed, notice has appeared on the Croydon Council website. “Due to server maintenance, our online forms, My Account and About Your Area sections of the website will be unavailable on Friday (20 June) evening from 11:30pm until … Continue reading

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Spot the difference: Crapita sponsors Labour Mayor’s banquet

STEVEN DOWNES, editor of Inside Croydon, suggests that the borough’s new council has allowed itself to be compromised by the council’s senior staff, developers and big business even before it has been in office for a month Spot the difference. … Continue reading

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Shedding light on council multi-million contracts overdue

This website has, more than once, made the point that public services when outsourced to private companies rarely deliver equivalent service for the public, but they almost always ensure rich pickings for private profit. The shambolic hand-over of Croydon Council’s … Continue reading

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Mayor has to apologise as Crapita draws a blank for public

Virtually the first thing which Croydon’s new mayor, Councillor Manju Shahul-Hameed, was forced to do on taking office last night was to apologise to around two dozen members of the public because of the latest embarrassing council technology short-coming caused … Continue reading

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Council website down for 10 days since Capita handover

Croydon residents attempting to use their council’s online services this morning found that the local authority’s website was “unavailable” for a 10th successive day, a “down time” that is potentially costing the council millions of pounds and creating widespread inconvenience … Continue reading

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