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The mystery of Purley’s disappearing Conservative councillor

KEN LEE reports from the Town Hall, where the continued absence of a new councillor could prompt a local by-election There is mounting concern among Croydon Tories that they may be forced to defend one of their council seats in … Continue reading

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Council gets more secretive over its councillors’ declarations

Political editor WALTER CRONXITE reports on a strange reversal of previous open and transparent Town Hall policy, which is deliberately keeping cabinet members’ interests under cover The Labour group which is running Croydon Council is becoming more secretive by the … Continue reading

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Borough Solicitor to investigate Tory councillor’s eligibility

WALTER CRONXITE, our political editor, on the latest twist in the tale of the tax-avoiding businessman councillor for Purley The council’s lawyers have been asked to examine whether a Conservative councillor was ineligible to stand for election. Badsha Quadir has … Continue reading

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MP-backed curry house has avoided massive tax and VAT bills

STEVEN DOWNES reports on how a recently re-elected Tory councillor has been overseeing a restaurant business which has left a trail of debts over the past decade A Croydon Conservative councillor, who runs an “award-winning” restaurant, has meanwhile seen five … Continue reading

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Speakman quits Tory party and launches attack on ageism

EXCLUSIVE: WALTER CRONXITE on the latest recriminations over party selections for the local elections next month Donald Speakman, a Tory councillor in Purley for the past 16 years, has resigned from the Conservative Party and has started a campaign to … Continue reading

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Khan or Quadir: the parties name their Mayor candidates

WALTER CRONXITE reports on the private deliberations of the political party duopoly at the Town Hall as to who gets to wear the Trumptonesque outfits for the next year The next Mayor of Croydon will be Bernadette Khan. Or it … Continue reading

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Tory MP helps to promote 10% off takeaway curry offer

See, that’s the problem when, as the constituency MP, you “show your support for local business” by posing for a picture outside the local curry house owned by a Tory Party donor. Before long, you’re appearing plastered all over a … Continue reading

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Colour-coded divisions over Black History Month events

It surely cannot be deliberate, since Croydon Council’s press and publicity department is too ham-fisted to organise itself so well. But if anyone ever wanted a demonstration of how we live in a divided borough, then they need only refer … Continue reading

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Tory MP Philp is quick to curry favour with local party donor

Here in Croydon in 2015, it is still not what you know, but who you know that counts. What other conclusion can any reasonable person reach from discovering that Chris Philp, Croydon South’s new MP, has nominated the Royal Tandoori … Continue reading

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Cromie pays price of conscience as Parker focuses on 2015

Rumours of local Tory defections to UKIP – none of which have yet been substantiated – continue to be aired, after a week in which two more Conservative Croydon councillors were unceremoniously de-selected by their party. Justin Cromie and Ian … Continue reading

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Countdown to council elections begins in Toy Town gowns

CROYDON COMMENTARY: It is one year until the council elections, and for some, they have everything to lose, writes STEVEN DOWNES Last night’s instalment of a new Mayor of Croydon, Sanderstead councillor Yvette Hopley, marked the firing of the starter’s … Continue reading

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21 Croydon councillors double up on their parking perks

How many cars do our Croydon councillors need to go about their duties on our behalf? Well, in the case of at least 21 of our elected councillors, the answer is two.

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Council £15,000 grant goes to body run by Tory party donor

The £15,000 grant made by Croydon’s ruling Conservative group last week went to an organisation which is headed by one of the local Tories’ biggest regular donors, a man who is also a councillor. Earlier this week, we highlighted the … Continue reading

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Is Justin Cromie Croydon’s only Tory with a conscience?

Anyone who doubts that too many Conservative politicians operate less on a conviction basis and more on what they can get for themselves or their own interests, with their snouts planted firmly in the public funding trough, should have been … Continue reading

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