Top Sutton LibDem Tope under House of Lords investigation

Our Sutton reporter, BELLE MONT, on the gathering mystery around the conduct of one of the borough’s leading Liberal Democrat politicians

Under investigation: Sutton peer Graham Tope

Mystery surrounds Sutton LibDem big cheese Graham Tope, who was made Baron Tope of Sutton in 1994 but who is currently under investigation by the House of Lords Commissioner for Standards.

According to the Commissioner’s website, his Lordship is on the naughty step for “alleged breaches of the Code in relation to use of facilities, parliamentary advice and declaration of interests”.

But no one at Westminster is saying any more than that. Even Private Eye, which publishes a report of some Sutton LibDem council scandal or another on a regular basis, has been unable to relate any more than the Commissioner’s official statement. Continue reading

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Croydon Rocks at The Scream Lounge, South Croydon, Aug 17

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Croydon Bach Choir autumn open rehearsal, Sep 12

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Guided Bat Walk, West Wickham Common, Sep 7

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Tory housing strategy that does nothing to build more homes

BARRATT HOLMES, our housing correspondent, on the missed opportunity of the housing Green Paper, published yesterday

Croydon Council’s Brick by Brick, founded in 2015, won’t complete its first home until next month

The housing Green Paper, published yesterday, had been promised for some considerable time. They were even working on a government housing strategy document when Gavin Barwell was the latest in a succession of short-stay Tory housing ministers. And whatever happened to him?

One housing policy dreamt up when Barwell was in government, to compel local councils and housing associations to sell their most valuable properties, has finally been abandoned, seen for the pernicious, counter-productive nonsense that it was.

But otherwise? The Green Paper was promised by Sajid Javid (when it was his turn to be housing minister for a few weeks) to be “a landmark opportunity” to re-calibrate the country’s housing market. But community campaigners, economists and opposition Labour politicians reacted to its long-awaited content with a collective sigh of disappointment and disbelief. Continue reading

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Wandle Park Sports Festival, Waddon, Aug 19

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Biggin Hill Festival of Flight, Aug 18-19 #RAF100

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