South Norwood Christmas Fair and treasure hunt, Dec 10

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Big Together Freedom Together course, Jan-Mar 2018

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Now Carillion remove home library service from the disabled

GENE BRODIE, our libraries correspondent, on the latest shocker from a construction company which is running down our public libraries

Carillion, the building company which runs Croydon’s public libraries, has been accused of “blatant discrimination” against the disabled over plans to withdraw the home library service from January 1, something described as a “disgraceful and stupid decision”.

Carillion, under the absurd “Cultural Community Solutions” branding it has given to its failing library service, wrote to residents earlier this month to announce that it is to withdraw the home delivery service in 2018 except where the recipient is “housebound” and has no one available to collect and return books for them.

The decision, Inside Croydon understands, had not been discussed at any stage with the borough’s elected councillors or cabinet member responsible for the library service, Timothy Godfrey.

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Sutton forced to remove Silent Soldiers after vandalism

Sutton Council has been forced to remove its “Silent Soldiers” silhouettes, which were put up around the borough’s parks and public spaces in the past month in conjunction with the British Legion, following a spate of vandalism.

How one of the Silent Soldier figures in Sutton was vandalised

Some of the figures have had their heads cut off.

The intention had been to leave the silhouettes up throughout 2018, which marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, both as a reminder and to help raise funds for today’s military veterans through the British Legion.

Councillor Tim Crowley, the leader of the Conservative opposition on Sutton Council, described the vandalism as “a disgrace”.

“This is such an insult to those who have fought to preserve our freedom,” Crowley said.

In a statement from Sutton Council this morning, they said, “With several of the Silent Soldier silhouettes vandalised or stolen, the decision has now been taken to remove them.

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Capra and Dickens’ visions of Christmas on show at film club

Who invented Christmas? Was it Charles Dickens, through his heart-rending tale of Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol which reflects a Victorian Christmas, so much of which has become our tradition, or was it Frank Capra, who dolloped a hefty dose of American-style schmaltz into the mix a century later with his own seasonal classic, It’s A Wonderful Life? Continue reading

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Jubilate Choir Celebratory Concert, St Matthew’s, Dec 9

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World AIDS Day charity fund-raiser, Braithwaite Hall, Dec 1

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