Plane-spotting at Croydon Ecology Centre, Heathfield, Aug 18

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80 years commemoration of evacuated children, Sep 4

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A month after seizing Allders, council moves just six traders

The council’s propaganda department has finally, a month after Town Hall heavies staged a dawn raid on the former Allders building, broken its silence over the forced closure of the Croydon Outlet Village.

Architect of destruction: Paul Scott

On July 16, around two dozen small businesses were immediately and without notice denied access to their premises, rendered unable to trade for an indefinite period, when bailiffs armed with a council-issued warrant changed the locks and shut them out in a blatant land grab.

As many as 100 people depended on those businesses for their livelihoods, and so were effectively put out of work by Croydon Council.

Traders who had spent many years nurturing and building their companies were put out of business.

Yesterday, a council press release identified Paul Scott as the Labour councillor responsible for this jack-booted approach to local government, as it boasted that just six of those businesses affected by the closure of the Outlet Village have now, after four weeks, finally been found alternative premises from which to trade. Continue reading

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Cancer Help Centre art works go on display at Clocktower

Art is one of the many therapies offered at the South East Cancer Help Centre in Purley, and an exhibition of some of the work produced has just opened at the café in the Croydon Clocktower.

Some of the exhibition on display at the Clocktower

“These two large panels were created by our members over a period of six weeks,” said art teacher, Jacqueline Davies.

“A range of flowers and foliage were drawn and painted using watercolours and pencil.

“Everyone was encouraged to respond to something they liked and to draw or paint it as large as possible.

“The aim of the project was to create a collaborative picture, working alongside others to create a harmonious, fluid piece. The conversation naturally developed about possible compositions, techniques and processes. Continue reading

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South Croydon Allotments Open Day, Carlton Road, Aug 17

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Negrini’s £1,000 fine threat fails to get a vote of approval

What do you mean, you didn’t know anything about another Croydon Council consultation, this time about where and how you are able to vote at elections?

The council is changing the location of where some people can vote

Croydon, the council that put the “con” into consulation, announced its latest public engagement exercise last week – yep, August, in the midst of the holiday season. The consultation on a review of the borough’s polling districts for future local or national elections is open for less than one month, and is due to close on September 2.

Such a brief period for a relatively unheralded consultation on what might be considered one of the most important functions of the local authority – the maintenance and encouragement of democracy – is liable to prompt scepticism from local residents.

But the issuing of threats of £1,000 fines against voters who fail to respond to a terse form issued by the borough’s returning officer, Jo Negrini, has provoked anger at the heavy-handed conduct of the council. Continue reading

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Street market licences fall by 87% after council ‘improvements’

The number of casual licences issued to stall-holders to trade on Surrey Street Market has fallen by 87 per cent since one of council leader Tony Newman’s closest colleagues at the Town Hall shut down the ancient market to squander £1.2million of public money in order to instal some street art, put up some poorly designed new signage and carry out resurfacing works.

Surrey Street Market has struggled to recover from the £1.2m ‘investment’ imposed on it by Croydon Council

Those are the shocking findings following a Freedom of Information request to the council by Inside Croydon.

And the “alternative artisan” Sunday market, the brainchild of former councillor Mark Watson, is all but dead, with only half the number of licences being issued by the council in 2019, compared to when the Town Hall staged costly launches for the venture in 2016. Continue reading

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