The Creatura Files (Pt 1): Tories breaking data laws (again)

Political editor WALTER CRONXITE reveals the damning verdict of an official investigation into misuse of Croydon residents’ personal data by Mario Creatura, the Coulsdon Conservative councillor who is so desperate to become an MP that he’s been breaking the law

Spam-happy: Mario Creatura and some of his Tory chums. He has a vast, and illegal, appetite for spam

No one should be surprised. We’ve seen him at it before, numerous times, especially when he was on a tax-payer-funded salary working for Gavin Barwell. But Mario Creatura, the some-time chief Twitterer for Theresa Mayhem when she was Prime Minister, is back breaking the law again, scraping together as much data as he can, illegally, to use to his advantage at election time.

“It’s utterly shameful behaviour from someone who has pretensions of being our MP,” is the verdict by one resident whose near-year-long battle to uphold their legal rights has seen the Information Commissioner’s Office uphold their complaint against Creatura and his spam-happy Croydon Conservatives’ dodgy use of personal data. Continue reading

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Verdi’s Requiem, Croydon Philharmonic Choir, Oct 26

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West End at The Library, Upper Norwood, Nov 17

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The Great SNTB Quiz fund-raiser, Portland Arms, Nov 14

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Newman accused of ‘evil stitch-up’ over Fairfield candidate

STEVEN DOWNES reports on allegations of bullying and racism within the Croydon Labour Party after the local leadership fails to nominate a democratically selected candidate for a ward by-election

The Labour Party in Croydon is in turmoil today, after council leader Tony Newman and his numpties overturned the democratic decision of members in Fairfield ward, and instead chose to impose Caragh “Shoot Trump” Skipper as the candidate for the forthcoming by-election.

Close ties: Caragh Skipper is now the Labour candidate in Fairfield ward, thanks to help from party employee Jack Buck (right), for a by-election caused by the sudden and unexplained resignation of Niro Sirisena (centre)

“It’s a shameful situation,” one senior Labour member told Inside Croydon. “There’s an awful lot of anger from members of the party.”

The by-election has been called for November 7 following the sudden resignation of Niro Sirisena.

Newman and the Croydon Labour leadership have gone to great efforts to cover-up the real reasons that deputy cabinet member Sirisena was forced to resign. Sirisena, who was elected as a councillor only in May 2018, quit after what Croydon Labour described as “a serious incident”, and which Newman this week admitted was a matter under police investigation.

After doing their utmost to sweep that potential disgrace under the carpet, Newman and his numpties have now excelled themselves in creating a further scandal over the selection of Sirisena’s replacement, opening themselves up to accusations of racism. Continue reading

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Cassandra Centre’s Black History Month art competition

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Warlingham Fireworks, Trenham Drive, Nov 2

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