Greenpeace recruits SpongeBob to fight to save Amazon Reef

Local environmental activists got busy at the weekend, with the help of SpongeBob SquarePants, to lobby oil giant BP to stop drilling in a sensitive area off the coast of Brazil.

A volunteer explains the risks and dangers of BP’s oil drilling policy off the Brazilian coast

Croydon Greenpeace were collecting signatures on a petition and encouraging by-passers to sign postcards to send to Bob Dudley, the CEO of BP, demanding that they abandon plans to drill for oil in the mouth of the Amazon.

Croydon Greenpeace calls the BP plans to drill near the recently discovered Amazon Reef as “reckless” and “dangerous”.

The reef is believed to be unique. It is hidden below the murky sedimentary waters of the Amazon estuary, so that its ecosystem thrives on chemosynthesis rather than the usual photosynthesis. It is nearly 4,000 sq miles in extent at depths of between 90 and 500 feet, with previously undiscovered marine life and unexplored environment.

Croydon Greenpeace has been running stalls on George Street at East Croydon to inform the public about the little-known and unique reef  and BP’s plans. Continue reading

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‘This land is classist’: Croydon rapper seeks justice for Grenfell

A Croydon rapper has produced a track, Justice for Grenfell (See All The Links), which seeks to provide context to the tragedy in Kensington last month.

Sense (real name Jenniah Brown), who grew up in West Croydon, often performs at youth and human rights events.

The latest track is a powerful polemic which he says offers, “Solidarity with the victims of Grenfell and unity among those fighting for justice.” The track suggests some primary links with other global issues. Continue reading

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Here’s to you Mrs Robinson: memories of the Summer of Love

It’s the Summer of Lurve at the David Lean Cinema, at least for a week or so at the end of next month, when the Save the David Lean Cinema Campaign’s regular screenings resume after a brief summer hiatus with a couple of movies from 50 years ago to kick off a programme which includes a few more contemporary attractions.

Dustin Hoffman had his first major screen role in The Graduate, starring alongside Anne Bancroft as Mrs Robinson (cue the Simon and Garfunkel sound track), in 1967, the same year that The Trip saw Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda (rather than Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon) teamed up together. Both films feature in Croydon’s Clocktower cinema next month. Continue reading

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Brexit uncertainties that could make Westfield a retail dinosaur

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The on-going delays, and John Lewis’s annual report, do not inspire DAVID WICKENS with confidence over Westfield’s £1.4billion town centre scheme

One of Westfield’s imagined views of how the new mall might look, if it is ever built

“Our time is now” is a council slogan linked to regeneration. It has not exactly started on the “B of Bang”.

The ill-fated Minerva Park Place proposal – for the long-neglected St George’s Walk – was said to have been negotiating with John Lewis but it came to nothing. John Lewis have recently pulled out of a proposal for a new store in Brighton. There is a very nice one in Horsham though.

Given the economic uncertainty, issues for Croydon such as crime and reputation, difficulty with access, little sign of improved infrastructure (road or tram), issues around high rise developments and so forth, is it any wonder that Westfield is stalled?

Just why would John Lewis come to central Croydon? Continue reading

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Dick Barton and the Slaves of the Sultan, Jul 26-Aug 5

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Ride South London community bike ride, Jul 29

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Action group calls for urgent arrest of Barwell over Grenfell fire

Hard-hitting report calls for transparent investigation among the ‘links in the chain of culpability’, as it alleges a cover-up has already begun

Gavin Barwell: has questions to answer over the Grenfell Tower

Gavin Barwell, who until last month was the Conservative MP for Croydon Central, should be arrested immediately and his documents and computer records from his time as housing minister seized and investigated for any evidence of a role in the Grenfell Tower fire.

And “where necessary”, a hard-hitting report published today states, Barwell should be  “put on trial in a criminal court”.

ASH – Architects for Social Housing – has campaigned long and hard against the social cleansing of council estates in Southwark, Lambeth and across the country. Today, they  published their report, The Truth About Grenfell Tower, which includes a list of around 60 politicians, civil servants, local authority officials and private contractors and consultants, who it believes should be thoroughly and transparently investigated, or the country risks another disaster with another high death toll.

Barwell was housing minister for a year, during which time he gave an undertaking to “look at” recommendations from a coroner’s inquest, after a previous tower block fire in London, which in 2011 said that the retro-fitting of sprinklers in all tall residential towers could save lives. Barwell never did get round to acting on the sprinkler recommendation.

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