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Battle to win the narrative sees a fight for 17% ‘don’t knows’

With a little more than a month before the Town Hall elections, ANDREW FISHER, pictured left, sifts through the shifting opinion polls, nationally and across London, to see what we can learn about how people might vote in Croydon Croydon … Continue reading

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Budget reminder: ‘Better to break the law than break the poor’

ANDREW FISHER waded through the council spending reports and endured last night’s Town Hall meeting so that you didn’t have to… Croydon’s finances are in a state. The blame for that lies with the Conservative government that has slashed Croydon’s … Continue reading

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We need serious solutions to tackle the capital’s crime crisis

A Labour front-bench spokesman was told this week that his suggestion to ‘name and shame’ recreational drugs users was ‘nonsense’. In his latest column, ANDREW FISHER looks at his party’s recurring problems when they try to flex their law and … Continue reading

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What a waste! Tory billions could pay to freeze your Council Tax

The Conservative government is punishing the people of Croydon by refusing to write off any of the council’s debts – but they are happy to write off £13billion from their own cock-ups in Whitehall. By ANDREW FISHER Croydon Council has … Continue reading

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Labour’s disciplinary procedures are all about factionalism

ANDREW FISHER (pictured right), Director of Policy at the Labour Party when Jeremy Corbyn was leader, questions the dubious procedures, the lack of due process and even bullying in the treatment of some Croydon colleagues As reported by Inside Croydon … Continue reading

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After wasted decade, Mayoral candidates need town centre plan

How do you replace a long-promised but never delivered £1.4bn redevelopment in the town centre? In his first column of 2022, ANDREW FISHER (left) offers some suggestions Croydon’s town centre has suffered a torrid time of late. The biggest queues … Continue reading

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Gove won’t ‘level up’ with an extra £1.50 per person per year

With the government’s settlement for local councils announced this week, our columnist ANDREW FISHER takes a look at what Michael Gove and his so-called ‘Levelling Up’ department is really offering “Billions more for councils to build back better” reads the … Continue reading

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‘Managed democracy’ stifles members’ interest in the Mayor

In his latest column, ANDREW FISHER (left) zooms in on the inward-looking and slow process for Labour to choose the party’s candidate to stand for election as the borough’s first executive Mayor Having stifled members’ options, the selection panel in … Continue reading

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Air pollution is a real killer, but council has caved in to cars

In his latest exclusive column for this website, ANDREW FISHER says that Croydon has capitulated to the Tories and a local MP over its traffic-reduction measures “Think globally, act locally” was one of the first slogans used by Friends of … Continue reading

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Housing’s free market free-for-all only benefits landlords

There’s a simple way to solve the ‘housing crisis’, says ANDREW FISHER: build homes for the many, not investment opportunities for the few Private renters in London are typically having to spend almost 40 per cent of their income on … Continue reading

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Chancellor’s Council Tax bombshell: how Budget hits Croydon

Our new columnist ANDREW FISHER, pictured left, looks at what this week’s Budget will mean for Croydon’s residents, businesses and for the services provided by the local authority Nearly 50,000 households in Croydon receive Universal Credit. The £20 per week … Continue reading

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Starmer’s Labour is ‘losing members, losing funds, losing staff’

Former Corbyn adviser warns that if the opposition leader can’t improve the fortunes of Labour, ‘then he has to go’, as it emerges that Croydon-based firm has been doing consultancy work as the party is making dozens of staff redundant. … Continue reading

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The cuts: Fisher’s Folly to be sold and 3-weekly bin collections

CROYDON IN CRISIS: The problem facing Croydon Council as it seeks to balance its books is that, after a decade of Tory austerity, there’s precious little left to cut. STEVEN DOWNES reports The frustration with the slow pace of progress … Continue reading

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Newman backs former Blair aide for Labour Party top job

Our Town Hall reporter KEN LEE on how Croydon has two prominent candidates for the position of general secretary Tony Newman, the increasingly beleaguered leader of Croydon Council, has given his backing to his old mate David Evans as he … Continue reading

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Corbyn’s ex-aide Fisher: the leadership race is down to two

Until December, ANDREW FISHER (pictured left) was Jeremy Corbyn’s senior policy adviser. A member of Croydon Central Constituency Labour Party, over the weekend Fisher reflected on how he sees the outcome of his local members’ vote in the selection process … Continue reading

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Labour’s radical manifesto promises to end the housing crisis

Jeremy Corbyn this morning launched Labour’s manifesto for the General Election, in which he confirmed plans for wide-ranging re-nationalisation of public utilities, an £11billion windfall tax on the oil industry to pay for Labour’s environmental policies, and to build 100,000 … Continue reading

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South Norwood’s Andrew Fisher resigns as Corbyn aide

Andrew Fisher, the influential policy adviser to the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn and the author of the Labour’s widely admired 2017 For The Many Not The Few manifesto, is standing down from his position, in the latest shock … Continue reading

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Corbyn aide enters row over Lewis Hamilton’s tax record

Andrew Fisher, the chief policy adviser to Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, last night jumped into the simmering row about the BBC’s annual sports review show by suggesting that if Lewis Hamilton wants to win Sports Personality of the Year, … Continue reading

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Labour pains as rival right-wing groups cling to control

WALTER CRONXITE on the north-south divide over candidate selection for next year’s council elections A war of words has broken out between rival right-wingers in Croydon’s Labour Party, as they fight to retain positions, patronage and power following their stunning … Continue reading

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Corbyn policy aide Andrew Fisher: ‘We changed politics’

Andrew Fisher, the former union official from Croydon who has been working as Jeremy Corbyn’s policy adviser for the past two years, says that many of the “political myths” of the 1990s have been laid to rest. “Socialist politics have … Continue reading

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‘I’m not influential’ says influential Labour figure

Andrew Fisher, the Croydon resident who is policy adviser to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, has said that his ranking as the ninth most influential figure on the left is “obviously nonsense”. But as Corbyn’s speech to the Labour Party Conference … Continue reading

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Progress MP Reed can’t make Top 100 ‘figures of the left’

A Croydon political thinker and activist who survived an attempt to have him kicked out of the Labour Party is included in the top 10 of a respected political commentator’s “100 Most Influential People On The Left”, published ahead of … Continue reading

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Loyalty will be up for debate when Philp takes on Benn again

It’s The Posh-Off II: The Re-match. Chris Philp, now the Tory MP for Croydon South, is again to take on The Honorable Emily Benn at the Coulsdon and Purley Debating Society in its first event of 2016, on a somewhat … Continue reading

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Fisher’s suspension lifted but the Progress purge continues

The Labour Party this afternoon announced that it had lifted the suspension on Andrew Fisher, the socialist author and party member from Croydon who has been appointed as policy adviser to Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader. The decision is likely … Continue reading

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Corbyn has ‘full confidence’ in aide, as Labour suspend Fisher

The Progress pogrom against Jeremy Corbyn claimed its first victim tonight, when Andrew Fisher, the Labour leader’s policy adviser, had his party membership suspended. Fisher, however, seems set to continue to work in Corbyn’s office and he confirmed to Inside … Continue reading

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