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Conservative Mayor Perry loses 3 votes at Town Hall meeting

ANDREW PELLING reports from the Press Gallery on success for Labour, Green and LibDem councillors in opposing Tory moves to cut Council Tax benefits to old age pensioners and the poor Jason Perry, the Conservative Mayor of Croydon, lost three … Continue reading

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Perry about to giveaway millions in social housing flog-off

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The new Mayor wants to run a ‘minimal council’, and is getting pensioners and the worst-off to pay for its financial turmoil while he arranges a £36m property deal that seriously undervalues public assets, says ANDREW PELLING Nothing … Continue reading

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Mayor Perry has ‘second thoughts’ about investing in Croydon

‘Things are going to get worse before they get better,’ said the borough’s £81,000 per year part-time Mayor last week, as he begins to find his Town Hall task a bit of a struggle, reports WALTER CRONXITE, political editor Jason … Continue reading

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The £30m in the balance for Croydon in Chancellor’s Budget

The poorest and most vulnerable in the borough are not the only ones who need their benefits uprated by Jeremy Hunt – businesses and the local economy are depending on it, too, writes ANDREW FISHER The Conservative Party’s claims to … Continue reading

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Council releases £3m of extra funds for cost of living crisis

Croydon Council, the local authority that just a few weeks ago put up its council rents by 4.1per cent and took away Council Tax Support from 20,000 of the borough’s poorest households, has today announced that it is to hand … Continue reading

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This is the stark human cost of the borough going bankrupt

CROYDON IN CRISIS: A mum of six children is facing destitution after the council has made her family more than £200 per month worse off by cutting her Council Tax Support and failing to provide its promised hardship scheme. EXCLUSIVE … Continue reading

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Council’s tax benefit cuts are ‘Dickensian’ and ‘discriminatory’

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Now the council’s discredited leadership has the gall to claim that 80% of the borough’s residents support their arse-covering move to cut benefits from the poor, the disabled and elderly. By STEVEN DOWNES Croydon’s Labour-run council has … Continue reading

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Gove won’t ‘level up’ with an extra £1.50 per person per year

With the government’s settlement for local councils announced this week, our columnist ANDREW FISHER takes a look at what Michael Gove and his so-called ‘Levelling Up’ department is really offering “Billions more for councils to build back better” reads the … Continue reading

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Labour councillor’s 20-point plan to reduce service cuts

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Unions are tonight staging a protest outside the Town Hall against the council’s plan for another £38million-worth of cuts. Here, Labour councillor ANDREW PELLING, pictured left, outlines the ways he believes that the council can avoid causing harm … Continue reading

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Cuts to Council Tax Support: this is what you need to do

There’s 10 days remaining to respond to Croydon Council’s consultation on its proposed cuts to Council Tax Support. As Inside Croydon has reported, 20,000 households around the borough will lose out as a result of the cuts proposed, some by … Continue reading

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Council rewrites its misleading Council Tax consultation

Croydon Council has removed a misleading reference to Universal Credit from some of its online material in its consultation over its axing of Council Tax Support. But according to one activist, the council’s misinformation about its planned multi-million-pound cuts will … Continue reading

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Croydon In Crisis: Council can no longer cope with basic tasks

It was on November 11, 2020, that Croydon issued a Section114 Notice, effectively admitting they were bankrupt. Twelve months on, and now the council struggles to fulfil even the most basic of administrative services. EXCLUSIVE By STEVEN DOWNES Resident endures … Continue reading

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Town Hall’s untrue claims about cuts to Council Tax Support

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Some of the borough’s poorest and most vulnerable are being expected to pay for the mismanagement and poor decision-taking which led  to the council going bankrupt, as this young mother* explains When I heard of the Council Tax … Continue reading

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Chance to tell the council how you feel about benefit cuts

A council consultation has begun to get the public’s response to plans to withdraw Council Tax Support from around 20,000 households in the borough, costing some as much as £29 per week in lost benefits. You can just imagine the … Continue reading

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Labour council benefit cuts will hit 20,000 ‘horrendously’

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Axing Council Tax support will affect 20,000 of the borough’s poor and disabled, with ‘devastating consequences’. By STEVEN DOWNES The Labour leadership of Croydon’s cash-strapped council last night voted in favour of drastic cuts to the borough’s … Continue reading

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Cynical, hypocritical and devious: benefit cut to hit thousands

CROYDON IN CRISIS: For weeks, the Town Hall’s Labour leadership has been planning a cut to Council Tax discounts that will cost some of the borough’s poorest £25 per week or more – and see ‘means testing’ used in the … Continue reading

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