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Is Croydon on the brink with £1 billion borough debt?

Four articles and announcements have appeared in the past few days, all apparently unconnected. Yet if the strands of the four stories are drawn together, they illustrate how badly run is Croydon Council, negligently wasting vast sums of public money … Continue reading

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Mary Portas’s TV company listed Croydon to get grant

Croydon received a £100,000 government grant last year after programme makers involved with tonight’s new Mary Portas Channel 4 series had named Surrey Street on a list of markets that they wanted included in the scheme. Mary Queen of the … Continue reading

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Jon Rouse: an alchemist who turned property into debts

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Former councillor ANDREW PELLING reviews the career of the borough CEO, who last week announced his resignation after almost six years in the job, and suggests that his promised financial wizardry was all a bit Mickey Mouse Since … Continue reading

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Croydon gets hit in the Eye, the Standard and the Guardian

Looks like our loyal reader is not the only one reading Inside Croydon. So far this week, the Evening Standard has followed up our story about the rave at Latitude 25 (we’d recommend that you view the Standard‘s version here, … Continue reading

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“Croydon was on fire and we had to just sit in a car park”

Malcolm Wicks, MP for some of the areas worst affected by the rioting in Croydon last August, has demanded that the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police should hold an inquiry into reports that up to 100 back-up police were left … Continue reading

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Ikea chucks out the chintz and now they chuck out Gypsies

Ikea in Valley Park has been using security guards to vet the ethnicity of people arriving at the store’s car park and trying to ban anyone who appears to be a “Gypsy” from entering. The store’s management claims it is … Continue reading

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Ken Clarke and his Marxist theory of the rioting underclass

Has Ken Clarke been re-reading his Marx (that’s Karl, rather than the jazz-loving Groucho, of course)? Interesting in today’s Guardian article by the Justice Secretary that he blames the penal system for causing the riots, claiming that 75 per cent … Continue reading

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