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Shared ownership is an unaffordable joke, says Standard

Things must be bad when even London estate agents’ weekly booster pages identify how one of the housing market’s on-trend deals is failing to deliver. Today’s Homes and Property advertorial section in the Evening Standard (Editor: Gideon Osborne) lays into … Continue reading

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House prices are falling just as Brick by Brick comes to market

A collapse in house prices, even in London and the south-east, could put more pressure on the Town Hall’s creaking finances, thanks to chief exec Jo “We’re Not Stupid” Negrini’s cunning plan of spending public money on building 1,000 homes … Continue reading

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Standard practice: tram extension story goes off the rails

Transport correspondent JEREMY CLACKSON on the difference between what is really happening, and what an advertising feature in the rag edited by trainee journalist Gideon Osborne says Transport for London has spent the past 24 hours trying to calmly damp … Continue reading

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Miserable Croydon ranked near bottom of happiness table

It’s official: Croydon is one of the most miserable places to live in London. Well, when we say “official”, we actually mean that the Evening Boris says so. But they did get their source statistics from the Office for National … Continue reading

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Labour’s get-tough policy with tippers looks a bit of a mess

“Speak softly and carry a big stick,” was the foreign policy of US President Teddy Roosevelt more than a hundred years ago. “Don’t make an effing threat unless you’re prepared to carry it out,” was the more forthright message which … Continue reading

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Please join us in the fight to save Croydon’s arts and heritage

CHARLOTTE DAVIES, pictured right, has started legal proceedings to stop Croydon Council selling the most valuable pieces of the publicly owned Riesco Collection of Chinese procelain. The case has the support of the Museums Association, the Croydon Natural History and … Continue reading

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Croydon gets hit in the Eye, the Standard and the Guardian

Looks like our loyal reader is not the only one reading Inside Croydon. So far this week, the Evening Standard has followed up our story about the rave at Latitude 25 (we’d recommend that you view the Standard‘s version here, … Continue reading

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Croydon anti-crime charities receive £40,000 from Standard

Two strong and courageous women, both with inspiring Croydon stories to tell, were featured in the Evening Standard this week, as Tracey Ford, the founder of the JAGS Foundation, an anti-crime charity, and Eliza Rebeiro, the founder of Lives Not … Continue reading

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Shapps: Croydon’s “breathtaking incompetence” on C-Tax

This from today’s Evening Standard. On the uncollected Council Tax in London boroughs. Including Croydon’s £35 million. Inner London Lambeth tops the list. But Croydon is second, and the first outer London borough in the list. Local government minister Grant … Continue reading

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Slow down, where’s the fire? It might be in Westminster

Croydon’s reputation according to one of the borough’s MPs, “for rather unwelcoming 1960s architecture and for crime and anti-social behaviour”, had another negative lumped on to it yesterday, with the Evening Standard branding the borough as “London’s arson hotspot” (you … Continue reading

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