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Care provider to recruit 50 assistants to meet covid demand

Bluebird Care, the home care provider with an office on Brighton Road, is to recruit another 50 care assistants in 2022, in part, at least, to meet the additional demand for the company’s services created by the covid-19 pandemic. Bluebird … Continue reading

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100,000 dead: Prime Minister says ‘We’re doing all we can’

The chilling statistic was announced yesterday. There have been nearly 104,000 deaths attributed to coronavirus in this country since the pandemic began, data from the UK’s national statisticians shows. That means that the death rate in Britain is the highest … Continue reading

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Addiscombe care home serves up cake for frontline workers

Peony Court, a newly opened care home on Addiscombe Road, celebrated National Emergency Services Day this week by showering local frontline heroes in gifts of cakes, cookies and brownies. Peony Court’s head chef Marc Aplin created a large variety of … Continue reading

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Health chief: ‘We are at the most dangerous time in a pandemic’

Rachel Flowers, Croydon’s director of public health, last night issued a stark warning to the council that ending the coronavirus lockdown prematurely would be “most dangerous”. Flowers was addressing a “virtual” meeting of the council cabinet, in which she and … Continue reading

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Schools and undertakers come to council’s rescue over PPE

School children, dentists and undertakers have come to the council’s rescue by providing vital PPE for frontline staff and care workers, after the Town Hall failed to order in or stockpile sufficient equipment ahead of the covid-19 lockdown. The council … Continue reading

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MP backs Bishop’s call for covid testing closer to Croydon

Jonathan Clark, the Bishop of Croydon, has added his voice to calls for more, and more easily accessible, coronavirus testing centres for people living and working in Croydon. The Bishop has called for a testing centre to be set up … Continue reading

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Covid-19 a ‘ticking time bomb’ in borough’s 140 care homes

Croydon is among the London boroughs worst hit by coronavirus according to the latest government figures this weekend. And yet the pandemic death toll in this part of south London could be far worse once the fatalities are counted up … Continue reading

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‘Marigolds and bin-liners’: council care homes run out of PPE

Croydon Council has failed to provide vital safety equipment for hundreds of its carers risking their health and that of social care residents during the coronavirus lockdown. With NHS workers deeply concerned about a lack of personal protective equipment, or … Continue reading

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Adult social care ‘on brink of collapse’ due to Brexit uncertainty

Croydon’s NHS and social care system, already under extreme strain due to underfunding from central government, could be on the brink of complete collapse because staff, many of them EU nationals, face an uncertain future after Brexit. The warning is … Continue reading

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Time for thorough ethical review of Croydon’s governance

 CROYDON COMMENTARY: The nexus of connections that have been developed between the local authority – of whatever political hue – and vested interests in the borough makes it long overdue for a review of proper governance, says CHARLOTTE DAVIES The … Continue reading

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Charity reform required to alter Foundation’s influence

CROYDON COMMENTARY: At the weekend, Susan Oliver asked: what is the real role in Croydon of the multi-million pound Whitgift Foundation, the owners of much of the land being redeveloped as part of the £1bn Hammersfield scheme? Here, DAVID CALLAM … Continue reading

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Council’s “sound investment” in Davis House costs £15m

Our Conservative-run council’s flawed policies of property speculation on the rates, which have put Croydon on course to have unsustainable debt of more than £1 billion, will be laid bare again in a report to the Tory councillors in the … Continue reading

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Watchdog demands urgent meeting with Virgin over Mayday

Healthwatch Croydon, the recently established independent health and social care watchdog in the borough, is pressing for an urgent meeting with the Virgin Care subsidiary which runs the Urgent Care Centre at Mayday Hospital, following serious concerns expressed over its … Continue reading

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Is Croydon on the brink with £1 billion borough debt?

Four articles and announcements have appeared in the past few days, all apparently unconnected. Yet if the strands of the four stories are drawn together, they illustrate how badly run is Croydon Council, negligently wasting vast sums of public money … Continue reading

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Cultivating culture is year-round project, not just three weeks

CROYDON COMMENTARY: In a previous column, DAVID CALLAM argued for a festival celebrating the borough’s heritage. But next month’s Croydon Heritage Festival misses the target in a number of important respects  E viva la fiesta! Time to party in Croydon, … Continue reading

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Council’s Mr & Mrs act that defies proper declarations

The move by Croydon Council to take over the running of the Fairfield Halls has thrown a supertrouper spotlight on some of the interests, and potential conflicts of interest, of leading members of the borough’s Establishment. After all, with senior … Continue reading

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Croydon among worst London boroughs for elderly care

Getting older? Worried about how you’ll be cared for in your dotage? Do you have even moderate life savings? Live in Croydon? Then you’d better move. That has to be the conclusion following the latest BBC report on care for … Continue reading

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Croydon considers handing over children’s homes

Croydon’s latest exercise to “identify” publicly owned properties that can be handed over to John Laing as make-weights towards the £450 million urban regeneration project, which is delivering the splendidly palatial new council HQ offices, could see two children’s homes … Continue reading

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Council increases charges for parking, burials and rat catching

Did someone mention a zero increase in Council Tax? And did anyone mention the widespread increases in charges for a variety of council services, from parking to vermin control, which virtually all Croydon residents need to use? While Croydon’s political … Continue reading

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UK Uncut comes to Croydon to protest against tax dodgers

UK Uncut has chosen a sunny Saturday afternoon to take to the streets of Croydon to protest against cuts by the government and our council, while tax dodgers are being given an easy ride. TopShop, Vodafone and the town centre … Continue reading

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The CEO speaks: council outsources management of staff

Inside Croydon is delighted to bring you the latest from the desk of Our Great Leader, council CEO Jon Rouse. He’s certainly not losing any sleep about the possibility of losing his job, because thanks to his enlightened leadership, he’s … Continue reading

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Carehome support came from nurse who left job two years ago

Inside Croydon has discovered that one of the letters submitted in support of the controversial hospital development at Higher Drive in Kenley was “signed” on behalf of an inner London NHS hospital by a nurse who has not worked there … Continue reading

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More evidence of neglect at Care UK old people’s homes

Another example of Care UK‘s dubious reputation for providing poor care of the elderly residents at its homes comes from Epsom, where the company has been forced to pay compensation to a family for its neglect of a vulnerable resident.

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3,000 carers’ job cuts proposed at Southern Cross homes

One of our regular readers has highlighted this BBC report on the latest move to salvage the financially troubled Southern Cross business, which includes in its 300 establishments around the UK a handful of care homes for the elderly in … Continue reading

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Elderly care done on the cheap at couldn’t care-less Croydon

Yet another example of how our local council, in off-loading its social care responsibilities, is opting for the lowest cost option rather than acting in the best interests of Croydon’s most vulnerable people. It is less than a month since … Continue reading

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