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Croydon Council recruits new CEO – with event for teenagers

Jon Rouse has left the building. The chief executive officer at Croydon Council since 2007 has worked his final day in Taberner House, having cleared his desk and using some untaken annual holiday before he moves on, with a £100,000 … Continue reading

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Jon Rouse: an alchemist who turned property into debts

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Former councillor ANDREW PELLING reviews the career of the borough CEO, who last week announced his resignation after almost six years in the job, and suggests that his promised financial wizardry was all a bit Mickey Mouse Since … Continue reading

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Why did Croydon CEO Jon Rouse take a £100k pay cut?

Amid all the hoopla of the £1 billion “Hammerfield” announcement this morning at Fairfield Halls, with the usual dollop of Boris buffoonery as the London Mayor proclaimed the marriage of the two property developers, there stood a figure who went … Continue reading

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£248,000 CEO Rouse quits Croydon for Health Dept job

Just after 5pm today, proof positive came through that Croydon Council’s press office routinely dissembles, misleads and lies. Because that is when a press release was issued to confirm that Jon Rouse, Croydon Council’s £248,000 chief executive, had quit his … Continue reading

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Croydon, Christmas 2012: council’s foodbank appeal

The following internal message, sent by Croydon Council‘s chief executive Jon Rouse to all staff last Thursday, shows just how difficult life has become for many local residents, including some of the thousands of people who have lost their jobs … Continue reading

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Croydon’s B&B nightmare: “an indictment of modern Britain”

The BBC’s Newsnight programme has taken Croydon Council’s emergency housing “policy” apart, exposing them as breaking the law twice over, while failing the borough’s homeless, many of them young children, who are forced to stay in squalid, overcrowded and unsuitable … Continue reading

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The £248,000 CEO speaks: Six pages of councilspeak

The latest morale-boosting memo from Jon Rouse, Croydon Council’s £248,000 per year chief executive, reaches Inside Croydon Towers this morning directly from the Planning and Environment department on Taberner House’s seventh floor. The six pages (no attempt at brevity) is … Continue reading

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