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Westfield boss says Croydon scheme could take 15 more years

‘Sustainable’ plans for redeveloping the town centre could see as many as 30,000 new flats built, according to one council figure, but a scheme that was originally due to be completed in 2017 now might only be finished more than … Continue reading

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Perry claims ‘progress’ and gets set to hike Council Tax again

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Typical households’ bills will have risen by £388 in less than two years under the Tory Mayor, who has still failed to get a Government deal to write off some of the borough’s debts The borough’s Council … Continue reading

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Colonnades sold by council for £25m under purchase price

CROYDON IN CRISIS: The Government-enforced fire sale of council assets is about to see the borough lose even more money, on a commercial property that has been making millions for the borough. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES Croydon’s Mayor and Tory … Continue reading

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Perry in another U-turn over borough’s vanishing bus shelters

CROYDON IN CRISIS: It’s taken him 18 months to realise it, but the borough’s slow-on-the-uptake Mayor has finally realised that Valo Smart City was never going to deliver on any of its ambitious promises. By STEVEN DOWNES Having told dozens … Continue reading

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Councillor: ‘I do not want to see another family destroyed’

A Croydon councillor demanded real action over the scourge of knife crime and attacks on women and girls when she addressed the Labour Party Conference this week. “I do not want to stand in the street another time looking at … Continue reading

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Starmer’s Labour conference left lots of unanswered questions

A party preparing for government probably wants its annual conference to be dull. But as ANDREW FISHER, pictured right, discovered among the freebie tickets and the oil industry and hunting lobbyists in Liverpool at the Labour Party conference this week, … Continue reading

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Perry drops action against bus shelter firm and loses £500,000

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Valo Smart City has racked up £1m debts, attracted at least four County Court Judgements and is now cancelling contracts with its suppliers. But after waiting nearly three years for the company to deliver their ‘smart’ bus … Continue reading

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London’s young and ethnic minorities risk losing voting rights

Close to 60,000 people in Croydon could be denied their right to vote under new election ID rules introduced by the Tory Government that appear deliberately rigged to disadvantage the young and those from minority ethnic groups, according to figures … Continue reading

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Tory Mayor Perry admits to another broken election promise

No more ‘rewards for failure’ was the Tory promise before last year’s local elections. Now the council’s executive Mayor has conceded that he cannot act against Newman, Negrini or others accused of bankrupting the borough. By our Town Hall reporter, … Continue reading

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Bonham gets chance of Croydon North re-match against Reed

Our political editor, WALTER CRONXITE, on the latest candidate to be confirmed for the upcoming parliamentary election The only Liberal Democrat to be elected as a councillor in Croydon for 20 years has been selected as her party’s candidate at … Continue reading

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Mayor Perry has 48 hours to save Love Lane’s playground

Croydon’s first elected Mayor, Tory Jason Perry, is showing himself to be just as useless and unreliable as Labour’s discredited Tony Newman, one of his predecessors in the role as council leader. The failures of both third-rate politicians could now … Continue reading

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Assembly Member calls for reform of mortgage interest loans

Londoners are facing even more debt as a result of the crisis in interest rates and the cost of living crisis, according to a member of the London Assembly. Since February, 65 London households in mortgage stress have been pushed … Continue reading

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MP Jones ‘gravely concerned’ over closure of her old school

Local MP claims she is ‘picking up information from a standing start’ over plans to close 600-pupil girls’ private school, but says she has obtained guarantees from the property Foundation that runs the site. By STEVEN DOWNES Sarah Jones, the … Continue reading

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London’s capital celebration of 50 years of transport Freedom

Former GLC councillor DAVID WHITE, pictured right, looks back to a scheme that revolutionised travel for generations of Londoners and ahead to a 50th birthday event this weekend It is 50 years since the Freedom Pass transformed getting around the … Continue reading

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£1million cost to Mayday Hospital of every doctors’ strike

As consultants and junior doctors begin the biggest industrial action in the history of the NHS, local trust’s CEO says it could take nine months to catch-up with the Croydon hospital’s back-log of treatments Every strike costs Croydon’s Mayday Hospital … Continue reading

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Here’s real good news that Perry’s kept quiet: free school meals

Two weeks into a landmark anti-poverty scheme which is benefiting every child in Croydon currently at a state primary school, and there’s been not a peep about it from the borough’s Tory Mayor, Jason Perry. There’s not a word to … Continue reading

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Bodger’s back! Reed’s chum being lined up for Croydon East

Political editor WALTER CRONXITE reports on the latest anti-democratic and secretive stitch-up going on behind-the-scenes in the local Labour Party “Welcome to Croydon East” says the less-than-charming email to members to announce the creation of a Constituency Labour Party, in … Continue reading

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It’s a Brum do: fixing local government won’t come cheap

After the latest local authority’s finances crashed and burned, and with Michael Gove twiddling his thumbs doing nothing before the General Election, ANDREW FISHER, pictured right, looks at what needs to be done to fix local government in England Councils … Continue reading

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Do the decent thing: podcast’s latest call for Perry to quit

Jason Perry would resign from his £84,000 per year job as Croydon’s executive Mayor if he had any dignity. That’s the view of Andrew Fisher, one of the guests on the latest bumper edition of The Croydon Insider, this website’s … Continue reading

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MP Jones given new brief to avoid her dealings with ‘Rimmer’

Political editor WALTER CRONXITE on the latest job switch for one of Croydon’s Labour MPs When it came, it had all the hallmarks of an after-thought. A dozen shadow cabinet appointments were announced just after 5pm yesterday, more than a … Continue reading

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Starmer reshuffle sees Croydon MP Reed shunted to DEFRA

WALTER CRONXITE, political editor, on how today’s Labour front bench job creation scheme might be taken as proof that turds do somehow manage to rise to the surface… Steve Reed OBE, the right-wing MP who shunted another Labour MP out … Continue reading

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ULEZ is here to stay and the health benefits are on the way

Opposition to the Ultra Low Emission Zone, which has been expanded to much of outer London today, has simply demonstrated where third-rate Conservative politicians’ priorities lie – and that’s not with the public nor the planet. By our environment correspondent, … Continue reading

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Good Lord? Starmer’s gofer Evans is lined up for a peerage

Our political editor, WALTER CRONXITE, delves through some silly season speculation to discover that one of Alison Butler’s exes could soon be heading for the red benches David Evans, the former Croydon business owner who was an aide to Tony … Continue reading

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‘Beware calls from Croydon Labour’ warns Croydon Labour

Croydon Labour, which has failed to expel anyone responsible for the bankrupting of the borough, has now started to warn its members to do what most residents have been doing for years: ignore calls from Croydon Labour. Anthony Ellis, the … Continue reading

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Ex-Labour staffer spared jail over child exploitation pictures

Tom Dewey’s now former party colleagues continue to deny any knowledge of his collecting illegal and ‘sadistic’ images that dated back to 2008 Tom Dewey, the former borough organiser for the Labour Party in Croydon, has avoided spending time in … Continue reading

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