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Average house prices in Croydon almost double in a decade

Estate agents and buy-to-let landlords feel the squeeze as Trussonomics begins to have an impact The cost of an average house in Croydon has increased by 92.4per cent in the 10 years since 2013, according to research based on figures … Continue reading

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Earnings struggling to keep up with property price growth

House prices have continued to soar, and even outstripped people’s wage packets in some parts of the country, making it ever more difficult for first-time buyers People’s homes in one-third of Britain have “earned” more per hour in the past … Continue reading

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11.2% house price rise in 2021 due to ‘chronic lack of supply’

Croydon’s cash-strapped council looks to be getting out of the house-building racket at just the wrong time, as figures released this morning showed that the housing market has made its strongest start to the year since 2005, with annual house … Continue reading

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Brexit costs home-owners thousands as London prices slow

House prices in London since the Brexit vote five years ago this month have slowed to such an extent that homeowners across the capital have actually lost value in their properties against inflation. According to Land Registry figures, in June … Continue reading

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House sale prices in London suffer biggest fall for a decade

Hopes that some quick sales of Brick by Brick’s long-overdue and hugely overpriced homes might help to ease Croydon Council’s financial woes took a knock yesterday with publication of a report that showed that London’s “gravity-defying” house price rises had … Continue reading

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Inflation, Inflation, Inflation: C4 gives house prices a bump

BUMP! There. Did you feel that? That was the sensation of property prices in Croydon jumping another one, two, even 10 grand following the latest visit from that estate agents’ wet dream which is Channel 4’s Location, Location, Location. In … Continue reading

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Croydon at back of pack in London’s house price boom

Research shows that property prices in Croydon have increased at one of the slowest rates among London boroughs over the last two decades, yet there are still many fewer residential builds going on in the borough than elsewhere in the … Continue reading

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