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The Audit Report: Brick by Brick has paid nothing to council

CROYDON IN CRISIS: The Report in the Public Interest into the financial crisis at Croydon Council includes 21 recommendations. Four of them apply directly to Brick by Brick, the loss-making house-builder which has broken multiple agreements and owes the council … Continue reading

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The Audit Report: ‘Tony Newman always has been a coward’

CROYDON IN CRISIS: More senior council figures could lose their positions as a result of the Report in the Public Interest which was released last night, as the Town Hall politicians take stock of its consequences. KEN LEE reports Half … Continue reading

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Council had ‘corporate blindness’ and ignored warnings

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Auditors step in with damning Report in the Public Interest over the way in which the council’s finances had been mishandled. By STEVEN DOWNES Council staff were summoned into a meeting at barely 10 minutes notice this … Continue reading

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Auditors look at legal sanctions over council’s finances

CROYDON IN CRISIS: A Town Hall committee has been told that the council was ‘in breach of financial regulations’ over its commercial dealings, as they delivered a report with 75 recommendations for improvements. By STEVEN DOWNES The resignation of Simon … Continue reading

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Auditors discover £1.6m missing from council revenues

Things are just not adding up properly at Croydon Council, writes Town Hall reporter KEN LEE So how has Croydon Council managed to misplace £1.6million of public money? That’s the question arising from Grant Thornton’s audit of the local authority’s … Continue reading

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External auditor appointment has all the look of an inside job

Croydon Council is to appoint Grant Thornton as its new “external auditor“,  even though the accountancy firm already has such strong links inside the council in various other roles as consultants that it makes the risks of serious conflicts of … Continue reading

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