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Paxman and Brand unmask deep distrust with local politicians

Yesterday, we posted an online poll for our loyal reader to vote for their preferred candidate to become the local Conservatives’ candidate for Croydon South at the next parliamentary election. Whoever is chosen next week will be replacing Tricky Dicky … Continue reading

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Council faces massive compensation bill over housing

Croydon’s Conservative-run council’s “doubly illegal” mishandling of the borough’s homeless families could end up costing Council Tax-payers hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation, according to a report this week by the Inside Housing website. Croydon’s shameful record on providing … Continue reading

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Aww diddums: Dudley’s hard done by over housing criticisms

CROYDON’S UNCARING COUNCIL (part 94): As first reported by Inside Croydon, our council has been roundly criticised by the Local Government Ombudsman  over its callous treatment of the homeless. Now Dudley Mead, the councillor responsible for housing, has responded. While … Continue reading

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Croydon found guilty of “maladminstration causing injustice”

The Local Government Ombudsman has ruled against Croydon Council today in the case of a young mother and her three children who were left waiting by the borough’s housing department for 10 months. The independent body found Croydon Council responsible … Continue reading

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Churches appeal for help with Croydon homeless

With the uncaring and callous approach to Croydon’s homeless by our council being highlighted by the BBC for a second time in the space of a couple of months, this time on Panorama, it is unsurprising that churches and faith … Continue reading

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Mead’s solution to housing crisis: evict whistleblowers

Croydon’s housing crisis is so desperate that the council is scouring its property portfolio to find rooms to convert into temporary living space for the borough’s homeless. The announcement came in written answers at the Town Hall that also revealed … Continue reading

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Did Mead mislead Town Hall over Newsnight interview?

Did Dudley Mead, the deputy leader of the Conservative group that controls Croydon Council, deliberately mislead a full council meeting last night? Croydon’s shameful record on providing emergency housing for the borough’s homeless was highlighted by BBC Newsnight two weeks … Continue reading

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Newman plans to get Croydon’s houses in order

TONY NEWMAN, the leader of the opposition Labour group on Croydon Council, responds to last week’s report on Newsnight with a plan to provide proper housing for the borough’s homeless Millions of people have now seen last week’s shocking BBC Newsnight … Continue reading

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Labour calls for closure of “squalid” Croydon B&Bs

Croydon’s opposition Labour group has demanded the immediate closure of the Thornton Heath B&B hotel used by the council to house the borough’s homeless. Labour has also demanded an independent inquiry into how the council has failed to take proper … Continue reading

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Croydon’s B&B nightmare: “an indictment of modern Britain”

The BBC’s Newsnight programme has taken Croydon Council’s emergency housing “policy” apart, exposing them as breaking the law twice over, while failing the borough’s homeless, many of them young children, who are forced to stay in squalid, overcrowded and unsuitable … Continue reading

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