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Ali’s efforts at spin catch the eye of not-so-noble judges

CROYDON COMMENTARY: In a week when two journalists were announced as winners for the Nobel Peace Prize for their courageous work in fighting for freedom of speech against despots, GEOFF JAMES reports on a less well-publicised award-winning effort Nobel Prizes … Continue reading

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Perry stakes Town Hall leadership on Tory mayoral selection

CROYDON IN CRISIS: The borough’s Conservatives will choose from two current councillors and an outsider whose selection campaign tagline is ‘I’m different’. EXCLUSIVE by WALTER CRONXITE, political editor The Croydon Conservative Federation will meet on Sunday to select its candidate … Continue reading

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After defeat, pressure mounts on ‘lame duck’ council leader

CROYDON IN CRISIS: ‘We mocked the electorate by putting burning £20 notes on our election material’. What now for Croydon Labour, after a nasty and petty waste of around £20,000 in party funds on a referendum campaign they could never … Continue reading

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Croydon votes 4-to-1 in favour of having directly elected mayor

CROYDON IN CRISIS: After a disastrously run, high-spending campaign by Labour opposing change, every ward in the borough voted for a new way of running the council. By STEVEN DOWNES Katherine Kerswell took to the low stage at Trinity School … Continue reading

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Butler and Scott among those not facing the voters again

WALTER CRONXITE, our political editor, on the high drop-out rate among Croydon’s Labour councillors, bruised and deflated after nearly eight years in charge at the Town Hall Paul Scott and Alison Butler, the husband and wife duo who made up … Continue reading

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David Lean Cinema announces Oct 26 as reopening date

The David Lean Cinema, the much-cherished local arts institution in the Croydon Clocktower, will start showing films again at the end of this month – more than 18 months after being forced to close due to the covid-19 pandemic. “This … Continue reading

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Use our free voting widget if you have not received poll card

Find election information at WhoCanIVoteFor.co.uk Make sure you use Inside Croydon’s essential voting day widget. That, effectively, was the message being issued last night from the propaganda bunker at Fisher’s Folly on the eve of the borough-wide governance referendum by … Continue reading

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Nothing adds up as Labour plays numbers game over mayor

REFERENDUM COUNTDOWN: On the eve of polling day, the many shortcomings of a shambolic and expensive campaign waged by Labour to oppose a change to an elected mayor seem about to be exposed. By STEVEN DOWNES The same people who … Continue reading

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Referendum offers us a chance for consensus in Croydon

REFERENDUM COUNTDOWN: Last week, Labour’s Leila Ben-Hassel offered her reasons for opposing a change in the way the council is governed. With the borough-wide referendum being staged tomorrow, resident – and voter – IAN KIERANS questions the councillor’s arguments Councillor … Continue reading

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Child’s transplant delayed by council SEND decisions

As the Ofsted inspectors visit Fisher’s Folly this week, one family’s struggle to get the council to provide a decent standard of education for their son with SEND has forced them to write this open letter to the council leader … Continue reading

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Midnight deadline to complete Ofsted’s SEND survey

By SARAH BOWELL It’s a big week for Croydon, and not just because of Thursday’s council governance referendum. For some families, the bigger news of this week is that Croydon’s SEND department is being visited for an Ofsted inspection. For … Continue reading

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Director of planning’s bogus claim over Institute membership

Planning officers routinely ignoring the requirements of local plans, little or no enforcement of conditions applied when permission has been granted and the courts throwing out decisions of the council. STEVE WHITESIDE on a litany of shortcomings, and worse, at … Continue reading

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Has Labour already lined up its candidate for elected mayor?

CROYDON IN CRISIS: The governance referendum is not until Thursday, but despite officially opposing the proposal to move to a directly elected mayor, some senior Labour figures may have already moved to find a candidate to stand for the office … Continue reading

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Members accuse officials: ‘unsound, unjust and unacceptable’

CROYDON IN CRISIS: A local branch of the Labour Party has raised ‘serious concerns’ and suspicions of ‘undue political motives’ after their ‘excellent’ ward councillor Jamie Audsley had his application to stand as a Town Hall election candidate rejected. EXCLUSIVE … Continue reading

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‘If you want something better, then you have to vote for it’

REFERENDUM COUNTDOWN: With just days to go before the borough-wide ballot, PETER UNDERWOOD, pictured right, offers a Green Party perspective on the governance of the council We all know that Croydon Council is useless. On Thursday, we are being offered … Continue reading

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Further £38.4m to be sliced from next year’s council budget

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Town Hall leadership hoped to keep the latest round of cuts secret until after next week’s referendum, as the consequences of the borough’s bankruptcy start to hit home. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES £12m of adult social care … Continue reading

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‘One of the best’ directors leaves council as Gateway closes

CROYDON IN CRISIS: The council’s bankruptcy last year is beginning to take a real toll in terms of the cuts to local services, and people’s jobs. By STEVEN DOWNES Julia Pitt, one of the best-regarded directors working for Croydon Council, … Continue reading

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#BINMAGEDDON: Council admits Veolia’s failing on the job

The situation has become so dire that residents are being asked not to report when their street’s collections have been missed By STEVEN DOWNES A senior council executive this afternoon rushed out a “wholehearted apology” to residents over the increasingly … Continue reading

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Council governance is poor due to lack of competent cultures

REFERENDUM COUNTDOWN: Yesterday, we reported MP Steve Reed’s Labour Conference speech, where he made a strong case of devolving power – just not in his own constituency, where he has been arguing against a directly-elected mayor over the past few … Continue reading

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#BINMAGEDDON! Boroughs left looking like rubbish tips

‘They treat us like the rubbish they are supposed to collect!’ Mounting reports from around the boroughs in the South London Waste Partnership suggest that the councils’ waste service contractors are creaking under pressure. By STEVEN DOWNES The complaints about … Continue reading

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‘Corrupt’ selection process rejects second Labour councillor

CROYDON IN CRISIS: An elected councillor has described his party’s local election selection process as ‘flawed and corrupt’, as it emerges that Mary Croos has joined Jamie Audsley in being rejected as a candidate for 2022. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES … Continue reading

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Labour councillor was given ‘no real reason’ for deselection

CROYDON IN CRISIS: The damaging ‘Groupthink’ culture under the toxic leadership of Tony Newman remains firmly in place at the Town Hall, where an elected official has told colleagues he was blocked from standing despite never breaking any rules. EXCLUSIVE … Continue reading

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£100,000-worth of contraband tobacco seized in Waddon raid

A trading standards raid in Waddon last week seized 175,000 illegal cigarettes estimated to be worth more than £100,000. The discovery has prompted the council to issue an urgent health warning over sales of cheap tobacco, and the threat to … Continue reading

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Tories welcome back far-right figures as 2022 candidates

Our Political Editor, WALTER CRONXITE, on the names in the frame to become new Tory councillors next May Jason Perry, the leader of the Conservative opposition at Croydon Council, has handed the local politics equivalent of Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket … Continue reading

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Regina Road residents angry as Knight ducks another meeting

CROYDON IN CRISIS: The blundering £800 per day bureaucrat in charge of fixing the council’s ‘appalling’ housing has cancelled a scheduled meeting with residents. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES and MICHAEL NELSON Residents of the tower blocks on Regina Road are … Continue reading

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